Token (Familiar Subtype)


Minted and sold during April 2022 by the esteemed Perrion brought these tiny chimeras to the world during the Studium of Alchemists thesis event.

Basic Biology:

Tokens are 3 way combo chimeras, taking on the traits of three unique animals, birds, bugs or fish. (Maybe sometimes a plant gets in there too?) It's randomly generated on creation, and up to players to pick how you shift around those parts. Tokens are made of up of three parts:

  • Head – Cover ths head, chest and space around the shoulders.
  • Body – Depending on species this includes the body, all two/four/eight legs and tail.
  • Accent – Add a unique trait to the other two areas, this can be horns, wings, fins, whiskers, antennae or replace the current tail.

A Token's coloration will be based loosly on their Element, but may also pull some accents or markings from their animal bases.

Tokens are a mess, and will eat all sorts of things, including things that their mishmash bodies can't process, making them high maintenance pets and companions. A catfish with the personality of a hummingbird? A toxic Gecko that needs to eat grass like a hippo? Welcome to Token ownership 101.


Tokens are infused with a single element when created, giving them a very desirable boost! Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Celeste and Void are all known Elements, double elements have not been seen yet, but more study is needed. When using Skills during their shared Element month, Tokens will not lose their skill on a failed roll.


Volatile market: Once per month a player may roll a random change to either a Geno or Import, depending on which the Token alters. Some add, others remove, and once they hit a 'Rug Pull' they can no longer be used.

Some events even give bonus rolls if a player draws their Tokens alongside other game species and characters.

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