Glass Stones

Displays as: 0 Glass Stones
Held by: Users


Displays as: 0 Kouneen
Held by: Users

The common currency of Azorna, earned from Gathering, Events, or selling items in game.


Displays as: 0 Memories
Held by: Characters

Earned by creating Character Journeys.


Displays as: 0 Permissions
Held by: Characters

A one use item that grants other players the right to create breeding requests with the character it belongs to.


Displays as: 0 Prototypes
Held by: Users

A collection of successful crafting attempts by the player. These are used to advance to higher skill levels in Crafting.

Staff Token

Displays as: 0 Staff Token
Held by: Users

Currency earned by staff for helping out on the site.

Story Points (SP)

Displays as: 0 SP
Held by: Users

Tribute Points

Displays as: 0 Tribute Points
Held by: Users

Special currency that can be used in place of USD for game sales. These are earned from Events, while Gathering or other special rewards in game.

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