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A time of Tokens and Trials

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Taking a moment to come out from hiding, Perrion nervously looks to the crowds and is pleasantly surprised to see the reaction is, well at least not poor, mixed perhaps. At least everyone is having fun right?

The events judging goes smoothly, the Headermaster settling on the new creature with some amusement, giving the nervous creator a solidly passing C+.

With that Tokenhounds can now be submitted to Design Approval for use in the game! All you need is ANY NFT piece when you do, it does not reflect which parts you can edit. Current NFT parts are free pick for animals, but future ones will have a set animal including that WILL reflect what you can change your Kirunhound into.

And a big congratulations to the winners of Rough Waters: Sarracenia and Fancy Footing rooklinqs

(A small update to event prizes like these, there is now a one event 'cooldown' between winning Alters in game, that will allow more players to have a chance at winning)


Back in the Night Forest, the searching continues and hope begins to fade that either the elusive dragon of the lakes or the Balikin that can track them down can be found at this point. Finally a small group stumbles on a clearing with what looks to be a very simple, if not functional camp site built to house a long Balikin. While looking over the contains, the dark foliage surrounding it parts and a silver scaled creature pushes her nose into the scene, surprised to see anyone.

Explaining the reason for your presence, she calms a little and takes a more serious expression. 'I too have been tracking something wrong with this place, the paths while variable, have become nearly unstable and I fear the very balance with the land itself is fading. I sense little of the traces of the guardian here, it's absence may be the cause. The path leads directly into the Time Gap Cliffs, but something is very wrong there, but I'm no warrior and fear I can't provide much aid outside this path.'

She steps forward to part the forest at the other end of the camp, revealing a new landscape, one covered in mist and twisting trees covered in moss. An unnatural glow comes from the sky, casting a violent tone to the land, and some beast roars out in the far distance.

Ryn Kei shakes her head, explaining that it shouldn't look anything like that, and the wildlife, once gentle and calm have gone wild. She suggested your team return to the city, gather up what supplies and fighters, tacticians and medics you can, and go in to see what's going on. She provides a magically touched map to help this group quickly fid their way back to this entrance site, and a signed note to allow your team access to the store rooms to stock up on supplies.


From here the event will have two more smaller steps, you will be fighting for the next one. Due to this I'm giving a one week opening to get your critters ready, geared up and to stock up on any extra items you might want to aid in the challenge. The Prompt will go live on the 27th and run into June, with the final hitting just in time for our usual site slow down period for Art Fight.

You may also now shop at the Stone Merchant with your Glass Stones.


Welcome to my Token talk

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The time of year has rolled around again where the students in Voltlund come forth and share their presentations to pass their annual studies, but this year a familiar face from the last two years seems to be not just absent, but his table is bare as well. Curious to what's going on, you tack him down to a student breakroom.

There panicked breaths, he let it out. The Schoolmasters were not too pleased with his offerings, and this is his last chance to graduate, and he better make it a straight A+ show or face being sent back to remedial classes, something he can't bare to suffer through.

He has however come up with something amazing, revealing a pair of Kirunhounds he's personally adapted using his previous Token discovery. Much to his dismay when showing them off to fellow students earlier this week, they were less than amazed, and rather horrified in fact. Offering a pleading whisper, Perrion wants you to help smooth over the reaction to his new creation, but if it really isn't going to work he can always just use his back up plan of showing off his adjusted Token's 2.0. His words sound like he's not very confident in EITHER discovery, feeling bad for the usually self confident creature, you set out to lead a hand...

Say hello to the first two Tokenhound nicknamed 'Rough Waters' and 'Fancy Footing'.


This mini event will run until mid May, giving everyone time to enter, once the event closes and all prizes are rolled, some new changes will be happening around Tokens and how you can use them!

First, all current Token parts in inventories (and the ones given as prizes for this event) will remain Wild Cards, meaning you can pick the animals for each one. After the event, Token parts will have their RNG animal pick added to them so you'll know what it is before using it.

Tokens that have been created and uploaded as Genos, can have a rerolled by using a corresponding part added on image updates. i.e You want to change the Head on your Token to a Parrot, you edit the current image, and attach a Token Head item when submitting the updated art. Wildcard Token parts can be used to pick whatever you want, sorted Token parts will change that part into the listed animal.

Kirunhound now have a Subspecies, the Tokenhound! This new magically altered variant is created by using ANY Token piece to edit up to 3 parts of the body into the animal listed on the Token (Wild cards are self picked!) Uploaded imports can be adjusted by submitting an image update and a Token part, Genos can be adjusted by submitting a Claim with the geno and Token part.

More details on how to design a Tokenhound over here.

Also April Fool's! Last month's raffle has been rolled, rooklinqs  Twewme and Sarracenia drop a Claim for the Token part you want!

We need to learn more...

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After a few days of helping show your mettle to brave the depths of the forest, gathering up resources alongside the Balikin here, it seems Palewren's opinion of you and your team has softened. Her stare stays the same harsh glare however.

Sitting down with the leaders of the settlement, they help show your team some trails, paths and some horrific pitfalls to avoid in the forest, but they themselves do not seem to know much about exactly where to find the dragon guardian of their land. While finding a massive serpentine beast that lives within a massive glowing pool might seem easy, the forest itself ebbs and changes daily, making a single point hard to find right away.

A suggestive is laid out, half the group should start out now and look for the pool, the other half should track down the only Balikin here that can track the Guardian, Ryn Kei. Apparently she had gone missing just before the group's arrival, while she did tend to take long trips to map the forest, this has been the longest she's gone without contacting them.


A new prompt is now live, and all players can submit one choice, either look for the Guardian of the Night Forest directly, or help looking for clues into what happened to Ryn Kei.

This step  WILL affect the story line depending which is the most submitted option, and will run until early April.



To the Night Forest

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After some time to consider the two paths, the group reconvenes and an agreement is settled on; the Night Forest will be the first course of action.

With the location set, Holios gathers their team to help lead the way. The jungles of Atlosian spread out, heading south deeper than many dare trek, but the Balikin guides seem to know the exact paths to take to find hidden breaks in the dense trees. Finally, after two days of cautious plotting along, Holios holds up the wood staff the group brought with them when originally arriving in Ull, the trees reaching to the simple item, pulling aside to reveal a jungle unlike the surrounding areas.

The Night Forest. Dark ground gives way to even darker colors trunks of massive old trees, and while no light drifts down naturally, hints of tinkling bioluminescence radiates softly from nearly all the flora and even small birds and bugs around the space, creating a dim twilight in the forest. Over head, simple wood and rope structures house nests and small alcoves for resting Balikin, some even harness the glow of plants to light the airy buildings.

As the adventurers have a moment to take the exotic new location, a new Balikin approaches from the sky, landing with a glare aimed at the large group, Holios tries to sputter out a few words before being cut off. "What is this!? Did I not say to keep your mission as secret as possible, and you bring this...convocation of questionable looking OUTSIDERS?!"

Runmajor steps in the argument, calmly speaking. "Palewren, you know I would have stepped in at any sign of trouble, as was my own mission...I can step by these outsiders helping us within the Stygian Wastes and now here, if you wish to witness the trustworthiness of them, by all means put forth a test."...


A new Prompt called 'A light in the Night Forest' is now available and will run to to the end of February.

This short prompt will allow players to help the trial, and gain some Glass Stones to use within the Balikin shops which will open up once the story advances onward.

The Wastes Awaken

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A true Dragon lifts from the steam, sending a few embers skyward. Eyeing the eclectic gathering before it, the titan leans in to speak, addressing Moorlani.

"What brings you here?" The group mummers a few quick details, before explaining the situation, Moorlani adding that they need help confirming a growing issue in their home land, and wanted to reach out to the dragons on the lands if they too felt anything amiss.

"The Wastes are stable, I am felt no shifts in the intrinsic flows here, but sadly I can only feel as far as the dead zone beyond my territory and that gap prevents me from reaching out to my siblings. At least the land here and forward is safe, but take one of my scales, and ask the others in the far lands, you will be given a free pass to contact them with my blessing, that shall quicken your questing in the lower worlds."

The group, under speaker-ship of Holios begins to organize plans for where to head next.

"We can continue to on to check on the last two True Dragons, both paths are equally close, and equally dangerous, it’s up to you, Runmajor can contact both liaisons from the regions at a moment’s notice to guide a path through the Takri Zone that blocks the main land of Azorna to the Far lands".

She continues, describing the Night Forest – it’s dark, full of toxic and aggressive things, and Timegap Cliff – The land is confusing and misty, the coastline worse. leaving the choice up to those that take on the trip.


And now it's your turn to help make this decion, you can draw or write to help pick ONCE per character using the 'Plotting the Paths' Prompt.

This will be a shorter event, running until Mid December.

This choice will not effect the story line, only which location we get full safe access to first, and which Dragon will be offering players a Prompt as we go into the last Location finale to the story.

And with that Stygian Wastes is now open for player Characters to call home!

Dare you Go Out?

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With so much going on in the worlds at the moment, The Fear seems far less scary than usual.

Eager children of all species seem to have started challenges around new, more fearsome beasts, the difference is that these challenges now involve trying to reach some locations that may or may no exist, for treasure that also might be just that, ghost stories. This event will be live until November 1st, and Candy will once again be tradable after the event ends.

Check the Prompt here!


These beasts are Bhargist and Ogro Poga

Both are normal Starters and can be used for breedings this month as well.

This introduces Homelands for our first Starters in game! In future events all Starters will have Homelands that when drawn with your characters in those locations will provide extra rewards.

For this event, players will need to draw their characters in the ‘monster’ of your choices homeland, but using a character from the same Homeland in your submission will get a boost to success rates.

  • Bhargist is said to live in the abandoned towns in the high mountains of Kotakaii, hunting anyone that stumbles on an old graveyard said to hold the resting place of an explorer famed for documenting far off lands. Maybe their crypt holds records of these secret places?
  • Ogro Poga travels the coasts of Voltlund, attacking boats big and small, and chasing down and possibly even eating those that try to reach a small island said to hold a cash of pirate treasure, hailing from far off lands.

Location Winners, Painted Bloom Boosts and upcoming events!

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First, after some delaying around we have our winners for the Location design contest. Since we didn't have many players enter, instead of a raffle, everyone that's Locations got picked will get to make their own choice between the following items: One Random 'Unadded' Location from both Admin created design, and contest entries. One White Azoth, no lineage. Or 30TP.  If your Location is listed below, please send a Claim with what reward you want to pick,

To keep things more fun, only the names of the winning entries are listed below, most remained exactly as submitted, or has slight pass rate edits on the final.

So, some unusual locations that have been scouted and ready for someone to full discover in game are:

  • Whispering Hollows
  • Bubbling Mire
  • The Lost Soul
  • Simple Well
  • Tangled Thicket

Next, it's Painted Bloom Season, all players have access to one extra breeding chance this month, and the Painted Bloom event prompt is now active again, providing a breeding based item box.

And, very soon the next step of the Balikin Story Event will be dropping, this one will be much faster and will help direct the story toward the next Regional Location to explore. Stay tuned!

Discover a Location Design Contest

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Not much of a hunter, lacking in gathering prowess? Try your hand at rooting out some new Locations that need extra study!

This design contest lets players come up with some new and interesting Locations to be added to the game, and win some prizes along the way. This event will run until July 22nd, with Raffle rolling a few days after entries are all cleared.

Players may enter up to 6 unique Location ideas, all of which may end up in the game. Locations that are picked to be added will credit the creator as the original Discoverer, and receive tickets to Raffles for prizes.


What makes a good Location Submission?


  • An interesting place out of the ordinary, a fancy rock that sings, a pool of frozen water in a hot climate, play with the magical or impossible, or add some unusually man made objects out of place. Since players are allowed to design what these places look like, make is something that give some room for creative variation.
  • Easy to roll rewards, that offer fair prizes work best for permanent options. Things like 50/50 odds for simple rewards, or 10% for a more rare reward are great places to start. Rewards can be Kouneen/TP, set items, or loot tables. Swapping set items for other items are also a good idea for both permanate or Limited rewards.
  • Limited rewards can also offer more diverse and rare prizes, change or add a mutation, add a new status or skill.


What is required or disallowed?


  • All location can be placed in a set Region or left open to staff to pick when it's given out.
  • All locations need to have both a Limited and Permanent reward option, and may only have up to 3 options total.
  • Location may not reward Lore.
  • Location may not add Holiday Mutations or reward Genos or Imports on success.


When submissing your ideas, use the following form:


  • Name of Location
  • Region (Optional if you want to leave it open to staff to pick)
  • Short description of the location
  • Rewards this Location gives



Any player that entries even a single Location idea, will receive a raffle ticket to the event.

For each Location that gets approved to add to the game, a player will receive another ticket to the raffle. Players that have unclaimed Locations currently in queue will also receive an extra ticket to the raffle.

Prizes will include some of the winning Locations, character creation items, and TP. Final prizes will be announced depending on how many entries we end up with, to allow more chances per person to win something neat.

A swap is complete, and upcoming events

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Did you like the joke were we didn't roll on the First? (Sorry, enjoy a laugh at least!)

With that we've wrapped up the swapathon, and it's time to see what was thrown into the mix by our generous Starter characters.



@CAVIO received a MYO Oraborhys (any element) that Stork found while out delivering mail.

rooklinqs is now the proud parent of dropped off by @OctoberGeist

@OctoberGeist A pair of Baya's Tinctures with a nice bow from @CAVIO

@Sarracenia Gets a Prismatic Azoth with Tidas' name written on it.

@Zincwolf MYO Klingka (any element) from Jetti who isn't ready to care for a pet.

For our Raffle Winners:

Sarracenia @ Rooklings both receive Baya's Tincture + Hayyan's Blessing + a pair of either general Breeding Vouchers, or Festive Vouchers.

@CAVIO Can add Scorched to one of the genos you bred during March.


What's up next for the world of Azorna? We have two upcoming events lined up for the next few months.

First, later in April we'll be hosting a Design a Location contest to help fill out more regions and help get these out to more players.  Along with that, it looks like Blessie and Art will be donating their unique marks to the other species finally, and two new Festive Starters will be added to extend this markings into the game gene pool finally.

Next May will roll in a small event to introduce an item to swap Monthly Holidays between the two options, allowing players to adjust older genos and Imports bred before both were available. This will  include some prompts

/ End of No joke Zone.



Cupid's Feelgood Swapathon

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After the gift giving and soft moments between friends, family and partners has started to fade, Cupid ever the match maker and builder of connections wanted to keep things going with a little give away from everyone to get in on, including some of the site’s other Starters will be donating some very interesting items with some bonuses.

Players may donate up to 3 times to the event, and can donate either Items, which may be stacked up to x10 (I.e a stack of 10 Iron Ore), or Genos.

To enter:

  1. Submit a single claim with all three donations listed out, and attach any items being donated to the Claim.
  2. For Genos, after approval of your Claim, then transfer the Geno to the Lorekeeper admin account.

Even will be open to donations until March 18th.  After that staff will count donations to see what extras will be added, so makes sure to give some more rare and hard to get items, to help boost the gift pool for everyone! Around March 20th, randomized swaps will be sent out, and everyone can enjoy their new prizes.