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Cupid's Feelgood Swapathon

Posted 1 month ago :: Last edited 1 month ago by Lorekeeper

After the gift giving and soft moments between friends, family and partners has started to fade, Cupid ever the match maker and builder of connections wanted to keep things going with a little give away from everyone to get in on, including some of the site’s other Starters will be donating some very interesting items with some bonuses.

Players may donate up to 3 times to the event, and can donate either Items, which may be stacked up to x10 (I.e a stack of 10 Iron Ore), or Genos.

To enter:

  1. Submit a single claim with all three donations listed out, and attach any items being donated to the Claim.
  2. For Genos, after approval of your Claim, then transfer the Geno to the Lorekeeper admin account.

Even will be open to donations until March 18th.  After that staff will count donations to see what extras will be added, so makes sure to give some more rare and hard to get items, to help boost the gift pool for everyone! Around March 20th, randomized swaps will be sent out, and everyone can enjoy their new prizes.

Winter Candy Shop

Posted 3 months ago :: Last edited 3 months ago by rooklinqs

For those that didn't get enough from the last sale, there still room for more goodies with the end of year Candy Shop. This post will be open until Jan 1st, giving everyone time to trade Candy and get orders in.

To turn in Candy, submit a Claim with the needed amount and either attach the items you want or, for non-item based treats, just list want you want and it will be approved by staff.


Up for offer this year are the following:

1 Candy:

  • Common Item Roll
  • 500 Kouneen

2 Candy:

  • Choice of one Common gathering Item
  • Random Food Plate Item

5 Candy:

  • Rare Item Roll
  • 2 TP

10 Candy:

  • Blue Azoth


The Stygian Wastes continue...

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by Lorekeeper

Days have passed, and a few members of the Survey team return from their tip higher into the mountains, along with the newly discovered Balikin, Hinsira who seems a little surprised to see some familiar faces from his own species among the strangers that stumbled into the local nesting grounds.

After a hearty meal and some discussion, Sootrot lays bare the reason for the visit to this distant land. Him and his companions need to check the status of the land's Guardian, as they fear changes in their own homeland might spread beyond there if not studied and controlled. Hinsira gives a sullen nod, telling the group to gather Glass Stones before asking Moorlani to open the path to their Guardian in the volcano, it's part of the needed ritual, but shouldn't take long. The Bailin directs the group to check the beaches of the Frozen Sea, Glass Stones are everywhere, if everyone leans a paw or wing they should have enough to open the pathway in no time.


The Final Step of the Stygian Waste is now open, gather up the needed Glass Stones to help start the ritual to meet this mysterious Guardian by using the Prompt here, there are once again two options to help out.

This step is using the site's Event Currency to finish, once full the story will advance, the Stygian Waste will open up as a general Gathering Region, and character may pick it as their Homeland.

NFT Winners and upcoming events

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 7 months ago by Lorekeeper

First off the raffle for Tokens have been rolled. Congradulations to:

CAIVO and Sarracenia who will get MYO Tokens, and CAIVO and rooklinqs with Cutom Tokens!


Next up, say hello to one of two new June Holiday Mutations.

Flotsam, a summer beach themed alteration that will start dropping in breedings during June.


Somethings to look forward to in the future, over June the new Traits will start to be added to the game, and Arcane Zoo will take it's usual July break to let everyone enjoy Art Fight. In August we'll also have a new Holiday Mutation.

Design a Trait Contest Winners!

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 10 months ago by Lorekeeper

Let's welcome the newly discovered Traits that will be documented and added to the game shortly:

  1. Kirunhound Uncommon Tail Type - Carp | Designed by rooklinqs
  2. Kirunhound Legendary Scale Location - Echoed | Designed by @OctoberGeist
  3. Kirunhound Rare Scale Location - Plated | Designed by FinalShockdown
  4. Popokee Common Head Type - Strange Bill | Designed by @Twewme
  5. Popokee Rare Head Type - Sea Bird | Designed by Asterleaf
  6. Balikin Uncommon Head Type - Relic | Designed by Asterleaf
  7. Balikin Legendary Wing Type - Phoenix | Designed by OctoberGeist

Winner will be receiving items shortly

Touched Charm items will be sent to each winner as their Trait becomes active in game. These new Traits will be slowly rolled out over June.

Non winning Traits may still be added from here, and will be contacted if picked as later additions.

Voting is On, and other updates

Posted 10 months ago :: Last edited 10 months ago by Lorekeeper

After some sorting and filtering, we have the final enteries to the Design a Tait contest, and we're ready for votes!

You can see all enteries : HERE and you can make your picks for your favorites : HERE

Players may vote once, and winners will be announced in one week, ending on May11th. Winning designs will be added to the game as July starts.


Next up, say hello to our newest Festive Starter Namva, The Ghost of the Storm. She carries a new Family Line marking called Thunderclap, which is now available in game.

And finally, our next Character Creation Item Sale will start on May 12th, and run until May 20th.

A Brand New Market

Posted 11 months ago :: Last edited 11 months ago by Lorekeeper

Voltlund, home to the great studium of all future Alchemist and other students of the magic world, and well renown for the commendations they offer to their passing graduates. Come April, the grand revealing of intense studies of the last year students are put on display for the city to interact with and enjoy. From new medical advancements to useful illusions for art and story telling, but this year the buzz is all about..


Newly Found Tokens, or abbreviated to NFTs. Perrion, one of the final year students is set to reveal his creations to the world, small Familiars with rather volatile powers, and a collectable nature. The press can read his thesis paper on these newly created chimeras here. (Business opportunities will be available following the festival for those looking to invest!)

With all the early hype, it seems some extra help is needed to run the NFT booth this year. Some requested positions are now open here.

By helping out, players will get access to the following:


  • By completing 1 prompt, ticket to the MYO Random Token Raffle
  • 2 Prompts, ticket to the MYO Random Token Raffle AND the Custom Token Raffle.
  • All 3, 2 Tickets to both Raffles.


Prompts can be submitted up until May 13th, Raffles will be rolled shortly afterward.

Tokens are real Familiars, with unique powers and random designs. What animals , Element and Skill focus you get will be random, with the exceptions of Custom ones, which will let players pick their three animals, Element and Skill focus.

Design a Trait Contest

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Lorekeeper

Get your pencils ready, and open your imagination, it's time to let players design new Traits for the game!

Both artists and writers are welcome to join the fun, you don't need to design the trait, just describe it to count as an entry. Players may submit up to 3 entries total, and can win for multiple categories. Designs will be put to public voting to pick winners. In the case of voting ties, players who have NOT won a Trait yet will be picked.

Kirunhound, Popokee, and Balikin are all open for Trait submissions.

Kirunhound and Popokee entries will be available after the contest, but Balikin Trait winners will be added after the story event to allow everyone equal chance on rolling their first Balikin egg.

Entries will be allowed until April 30th, with voting in early May.

Written submissions need to include the following:
  • Name of Trait.
  • Which species will use this Trait and which type of Trait it is.
  • Detailed description of how this Trait looks.
  • General sizing, and shape of Trait.
  • If markings will affect it or not.
  • Any additional notes about optional effects or interactions this Trait might have with other Traits or Mutations, ect.
Drawn submissions need to include the following:
  • Name of Trait.
  • Which species will use this Trait and which type of Trait it is.
  • Edited Template showing the Trait on the Species. (More than one option drawn if Trait has variations in size, shape or placement!)
  • Template Files: Kirunhound Popokee Balikin
  • If markings will affect it or not.
  • Any additional notes about optional effects or interactions this Trait might have with other Traits or Mutations, ect.
Some things to keep in mind:
  • Traits should only be used on one Species.
  • Trait Names should not currently be in use by other Traits in game.
  • Traits should fit the game lore, and not be too silly or break canon.
  • Traits should not heavily resemble current game Traits or pull heavily from other media such as TV shows, movies or video games.
  • Traits should not include Marking like aspects, and only adjust the body part it uses.
  • Balikin Traits will not be added until AFTER the final event storyline.
  • Small adjustments or name changes may be done to winning entries to better fit lore.
  • Entries will be sorted based on how well staff feel each fits into the C/UC/R/L levels.

All entries will be sorted into these categories, with one winner for each:

  • Kirunhound Common or Uncommon Trait
  • Kirunhound Rare or Legendary Trait
  • Popokee Common or Uncommon Trait
  • Popokee Rare or Legendary Trait
  • Balikin Common or Uncommon Trait
  • Balikin Rare or Legendary Trait

Winners will get the following prizes:

  • 1000 Kouneen
  • x2 Breeding Vouchers
  • x1 Touched Charm (Allows a player to change a Trait on a Geno or Azoth created character to their Winning trait when submitting an Import)

To enter, just reply to his News post with the require form for either Writing or Artwork above.

The Race is Saved, and upcoming events!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Lorekeeper

With all the aid being poured in, and every last team member accounted for, the organizers of the Mountain Sleeps Race have deemed the path safe for the racers to continue onward.

For all the help provided everyone that entered will be receiving Raffle Tickets to two different special items, first 'The Ghost' and second, a mystery Familiar. depending oh which endings they've completed.

  • If you started a step one for this event, you will have an extra week to complete the last step.
  • All submissions using the Continuation need to be submitted by March 15th.
  • On march 15th, we'll be holding the bi-mothly Character Creation Item sale, and it will run until March 20th.
  • During this Sale, everyone will get a chance to add extra tickets to the raffle, regardless if they entered the event or not.


Toward the end of March we'll also be hosting the first 'Design a Trait' contest to let players add some new traits to the game, so keep an eye out for that announcement.

The Mountain Sleeps... RESCUE!

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by rooklinqs

The Mountain Sleeps Race, a long running and long praised event held within the height of winter in the foot hills of the Kotakaii range has once again crept up on the land. Or it should have, a recent turn of events has left the event on rocky footing and putting locals in danger.

Prior to the official sanctioned race, and all it's festivities, a small team of scouters will trek the paths and keep an eye out for any disruptions that might be stumbled on by contestants. A rock slide or missing bridge might mean life or death for unskilled racers. This team is usually made up of past winners and retired racers, so they should, in practice, be the most skilled at this task.

This year, the team went out and have not yet returned in what would be a reasonable time frame. Fearing something might have happened to them, a new team is being arranged on short notice, no matter their skills, the organizers need those with a strong will and lots of fur- it's going to be a cold quest.

All short noticed rescue team members will start at the camp at the base of the mountain, and team up to search the low lying hills for any clues. Perhaps a misplaced sign post or freshly turned rocks? Maybe looking to the local wildlife for any clues for areas to check, whatever the path, they need many of you out there looking as fast a storm is rolling in.


You can start your quest here!

This Holiday event will run until February 28th, with two secret prizes being raffled to those that enter once it closes. Players may finish the story line once per character, but can submit as many times as they want with unique characters to enter for additional item rewards, but will only be entered into the raffle once per completion of the four endings available. This means you can get 4 total tickets, 2 into each of the prize pools, but can keep getting the item rewards given for each step up the quest.

Good luck on your search rescue team.