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The Fear is Here

Posted 7 months ago :: Last edited 7 months ago by Lorekeeper

After a month away, I have returned and with that we move into the best month of the year, and a small Halloween themed event in game.

Dare You Go Out?:

A new Prompt is now active for all of October, and can be found here.

There is no limit to submissions this round and each approved submission will receive between 1 to 10 Candy items.

Following the end of the event November 1st:

  • 'The Fear' will be added as a breedable NPC.
  • All Candy collected can be turned in for Prizes.
  • Prizes include premade Familiars with art by Skulldog , breeding items, Azoths, plus a few more things.

Monthly Sale and Raffle:

Starting October 16th a month character creation sale will go up, and a raffle will be held. This month's special prize will be a MYO Changeling Token.


Time for a romp in the Painted Poppies

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Every August a special botanical event erupts across Azorna, the blooming of the Painted Poppy. For one month these endless colored flowers spring up across all regions and even the snowiest tundra sees small patches. The joyful touch of color is seen as a sign of the height of the summer seasons and treated to it's own holiday in various areas. During this time the newly born young seem to have a little extra color to their coats or unique changes to their forms, sometimes atributated directly to the local flower bloom.

During this month players can submit 1 additional breeding for themselves for a total of 4. This will revert back to 3 total on August 30th


This month embraces all forms of love, both romantic and platonic, Painted Poppies are gathered and shared between family, friends and mates, across all speices and races of the lands. This act strenghtens bonds between teams at work, down to parents and children. Those that share deeper romantic relationships will take a trip to enjoy the wild flower fields directly.

A new Prompt is now active to enjoy this event, and will end on the 31st.


Starting on August 13th a monthly Character Creation Sale will also happen. Players will get access to additional Painted Bloom Boxes this time, and we'll be hosting another Geno drop off for raffle.

The Great Explores Sales Event

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As June begins to roll in it's time for our once year special item sale that helps cover the game hosting bill for another year, and with that a few special things always come up for sale.


On June 12th the event will kick off and close up on June 21st.

Once it opens players will have access to two special Raffles, and a special item bundle this year. Both Raffles will house some special characters I've dubbed 'The Great Explores', and include two fully designed Alters and two unique Genos. Further details on these four will be coming soon and introduce one of the upcoming July Monthly Mutations early!


Raffle One is an item swap style event, where players can enter by providing items to be added to the prize pool.

  • The Prize pool will include two of the special characters along with a few rare items provided by staff, so everyone entering has an equal chance at winning something cool.
  • Players may enter this raffle two times each, all items are welcome, but some more valuable items such as Azoths will be given extra tickets when entered.

Raffle Two will be done via the Item Sale, both by purchases of Tribute Points and by buying additional entries.

  • The Prize pool will include two of the special characters along with high end Azoths, and other boosts.
  • You can grab as many entries as you want, more prizes will be added to grow along with entries.
  • All purchase of Tribute Points $10 will receive an extra Ticket, $25 will receive two extra Tickets and $50 will receive five extra Tickets.
  • Tickets will cost 4TP from the Sale Shop during the event for anyone to buy.


Bring on the Fools

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Lorekeeper
On the on going Quest line:

Some new things have happened around the site, first we have a new Location open for the 'Exploring the Stygian Wastes' story line,  leaving the group only one more spot to open up from here in their journey across the new area. Once this completes, players may set a character's Homeland to the Stygian Wastes and the location will open up to normal Resource Gathering.

Hoata stumbled on a secret cave of eggs, and a new Balikin watching over them.

And for those wanting to hatch a Balikin Egg, the Prompt to do so is open.

Upcoming Sales and New Holiday Starters:

As the Feasts of Fire winds down, a new month is rolling in soon, and with it we have a pair of new Holiday Starters.  While their Traits will be secret until the Sale goes lives, for now enjoy their colorful glory: and

What makes these Starters special? Both have a new Legendary Marking. These Markings have two levels of use, the basic one can be used by any character in game with the mark, and a Family Line version. This version can be used when either Starter is in the character's Lineage.

April brings us a new site sale, and this round will offer Holiday Breeding Tickets for the new Starters and Skills. This sale will start on April 1st and run until April 9th. This sale will also be a test for a 'Geno turn in' bonus. When the events goes like a series of randomized Traits+Markings will be posted. Any player with an unwanted Geno that has these combos can be turned in for additional Tickets to the raffle, or item prizes.

Winners of the Raffle:

Let's here it for the winners of the April 2021 raffle!

  1. Hoata gets x2 Festive Breeding Vouchers, Hayyan's Blessing + Baya's Tincture
  2. TastelessWhiskey gets Fractured Azoth + Random Crasis
  3. rooklinqs gets 50 TP
  4. Pure09 gets Gold Azoth MYO


And what's on the Horizon:

May will bring in two things of note, an Item Swap event, which was much requested back on the old site, and our first set of Holiday Mutations.  Get your breedings planned, as these Mutations will only drop during May, and can't be altered or changed to by other means once it's over.



Happy Feasting!

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Happy Fests of Fire, get ready to chomp down on some tasty treats this month and chase off the last of the cold weather with spicy food!

A limited time prompt will go up shortly that will reward a Red Spice Tea item, players will be allowed to claim this one once.


Up next, the February Raffle has been rolled out winners are:
  • MYO Yens | Basic Element picked by owner - cosmonstars
  • MYO Yens | Dual Element, both picked by owner - rooklinqs
  • MYO Oraborhys | Random Element - GrimmRaven
  • MYO Yens or Oraborhys | Basic Element picked by owner and official art by Skulldog - OctoberGeist (Drop me an email with what you want drawn at!)

Reward MYO slots will be generated shortly and you should be able to start creating your new Familiars right away.

Upcoming Events:

Our next site Sale and Raffle with happen in April, and introduce two new Holiday Starters, each with a new Legendary Marking that has some unique changes.


Wastes Onward!

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Kicking off a wonderful 'Month One' on the new site, and all activities are starting to get back to normal, a few more small things to be tied up, but streamlining the process has been put into place!

First off, while the majority of things from the original site have moved completely to item based ownership,  a few unique things are still hanging in permission link form. If you want to check what you might still have access to, you can check out the 'Staff Records' Page here.

To use anything that carried over, just submit a Claim linking the comment with your item, and list which you want to use and Staff will get you sorted.

Next, we've already hit some advancements on the current Balikin Adventure in the Stygian Waste:

Both prompts have hit the first story mark, and from here the first prompt to hit the next one will change which story path we continue down, as well as the next set of locations. So keep those Prompts coming! You can always follow updates to the story here:

cheetahtrout was able to clear a safe pathway to help speed up the convoy on it's way, while rooklinqs caught a glimpse of a Balikin keeping an eye on the group's progress as a storm starts to roll in.

And for upcoming events:

February is a special month here, and in honor of my birth month, there's going to be a special Sale and Raffle Combo!  The focus of items raffled and for sale will be Familiars; MYO Yens and Oraborhys will be offered. A special limited time Prompt will open up for this, allowing players to draw or write to get some extra Raffle Tickets.



Welcome new Arcane Zoo

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by CAIVO

Welcome to the new and vastly improved Arcane Zoo site!

We've finished the shiftover and now the new Lorekeeper site is ready for access, we hope the changes here are well worth the downtime.

To get started returning players only need to register again on the new site,  staff will be moving all your characters, genos and full bank to your account here. You can get yourself caught up on some of the gameplay system changes via these new guides.

Please note a few things during this process:
  • Hotmail accounts will not receive our emails, and need to be manually verified in game, this also means you won't be able to do a password reset. I recommend signing up with another email service to avoid the hassle. In the future we're looking at other options for email verification to cover all providers.
  • If you signup with the same username, you do not have to do anything extra. If you sign up with a NEW username, you need to submit a Claim with your old account name and the email you signed up with on the old site. This is so staff can verify who you are.
  • Transferring of accounts will not be instantaneous, please give staff time to get through everyone.

Many game activities are already to join in, but a few are currently inactive while staff deals with player transfers. Fear not, the current Events and Questing will return once things settle from the signup rush. (Before the end of December!)

And finally as promised the bimonthly Character Creation Sale will still happen, starting on December 25th, running until January 1st. This will run along side a raffle that will be held for some special characters. Details of what's included for both of these will be posted in a few days.

Have Questions or need help? Drop staff a line over on Discord.