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A Token Market

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Running a pyrami- I mean lucrative financial opportunity is hard to do as one man, Perrion needs some more downline to help him pitch these lovable critters to everyone and their friends, and friend's friends...

  1. Draw or Write about your character showing off a Token to passerbyes, or other characters, just don't let the price scare them off!
  2. Draw or Write about your character cleaning up the mess leftover from rampaging Tokens, I mean these things are hard to keep corralled, they can't stay away from the other booths at the event.
  3. Draw or write about your character helping organize the income and records for the booth, are these recipe legit? Where IS all this Kouneen going. The Token market is already a confusing mess, the paperwork is equally questionable.


When submitting Holiday Prompts:
  • Artwork must be in color.
  • Written works must be at least 700 words.
  • All creative works must describe or show the the correct environment for the region you wish to gather in. (i.e: A dense jungle for the Atlosian Wetlands, or a river way with pine trees for Voltlund Coast.)
  • A new Creative Work must be submitted for each reward and may not be reused by the same player if it includes more than one of their own characters.
When submitting please include:
  • Attach the Character(s) included in the image or story.
  • Any items being used to boost outcomes.


Reward Amount
Common Item Drop 3
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