Item Categories

<a href=" Drops" class="display-category">Common Drops</a>

Common Drops

Common items found while Resource Gathering.


<a href=" Drops" class="display-category">Rare Drops</a>

Rare Drops

Rare items found while Resource Gathering.

<a href="" class="display-category">Tinctures</a>


Highly volatile, one use potions that will alter both the look and base genotype of an approved character.

Tinctures can be found while Resrouce Gathering, or Crafted.

<a href="" class="display-category">Tools</a>


One time use items that provide a massive boost to a single activity.

<a href=" and Spices" class="display-category">Food and Spices</a>

Food and Spices

Food Plates can boost a character’s abilities for one submission roll, these vary from questing, journeys, to breeding and crafting, while Spices are special blends of natural herbs and other items that powerfully accent food, but also add boosts to Alchemy projects.

All Plates may be combined with an additional Spice item when being used for Battles to gain that Spice's bonus stats.


<a href="" class="display-category">Accessories</a>


Characters can own items in this category!

Items for the causal buyer that add items to characters in game character sheet.

<a href="" class="display-category">Dyes</a>


Dyes are one use items that allow the addition of small colored design marks such as tattoos and branding, OR additional color accents to the mane and tail hair on their own.

Boosting a Dye with an include a Drake Spice  will allow the Dye to recolor a single marking to the color of the dye used.

Added Dye marks may NOT follow current markings exactly, and need to change the size or location, or alternatively add additional holes, shapes or otherwise break rules for a marking. Base dyes should be distinctly different from species markings.


<a href="" class="display-category">Armor</a>


Characters can own 1 items in this category!

Crafted items that are worn, some provide additional defense or magic resistance, and others are purely decorative.

<a href="" class="display-category">Weapons</a>


Characters can own items in this category!

Items used in battle.

<a href="" class="display-category">Machines</a>


Characters can own 2 items in this category!

Crafted items that provide a tiny boost indefinitely when used for certain activities.

<a href="" class="display-category">Miscellaneous</a>


Items from events and other unique things.

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