<a href=" Queen’s Compass" class="display-item">The Queen’s Compass</a>

The Queen’s Compass

Category: Tools

Provides a one time 100% success rate to a character when submitting Resource Gathering, and a +1 item roll.

Ancient Machine Parts. Copper Wire X2. Mercury X2. Fish Oil X2. Gear X4

<a href=" King’s Mark" class="display-item">The King’s Mark</a>

The King’s Mark

Category: Tools

Allows the player to pick one common item from a region while gathering, as long as the gathering roll is successful, only that item will be found.

Prime Hide, Drake Scale X2, Platinum Ore X2, Hooves X2, Void Plant x5

<a href="’s Blessing" class="display-item">Hayyan’s Blessing</a>

Hayyan’s Blessing

Category: Tools

Provides a one time max sized litter (as set by each species) when used in a breeding, and a +1 offspring roll.

Ancient Machine Parts. Emerald Tablet. Pearl X2. Polished Shell X2. Iron X4


Purchaseable At:

<a href=" Blade" class="display-item">Gilded Blade</a>

Gilded Blade

Category: Tools

Provides a one time 100% crafting success for any school of crafting. +2 items will be randomly be returned to bank after crafting.

Curved Horns. Mercury. Scorpion Tail. Large Silver Ore. Mammoth Tusk. Copper Wire X2

<a href="’s Charm" class="display-item">Champion’s Charm</a>

Champion’s Charm

Category: Tools

Provides a one time boost when used for world events, either +3 raffle boost, or a +2 item reward, depending on which event is used.

Ancient Machine Parts. Platinum Ore. Lapis X4 Geode X4

<a href=" Toolkit" class="display-item">Demolish Toolkit</a>

Demolish Toolkit

Category: Tools

Allows for a craftable item to be broken down into it’s base components, with no risk of losing any.

Whale Bone, Mother of Pearl, Large Medical Kit X2, Glass Shard X4, Gear X5

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