The Queen’s Compass

Category: Tools

Provides a one time 100% success rate to a character when submitting Resource Gathering, and a +1 item roll.

Ancient Machine Parts. Copper Wire X2. Mercury X2. Fish Oil X2. Gear X4

The King’s Mark

Category: Tools

Allows the player to pick one common item from a region while gathering, as long as the gathering roll is successful, only that item will be found.

Prime Hide, Drake Scale X2, Platinum Ore X2, Hooves X2, Void Plant x5

Hayyan’s Blessing

Category: Tools

Provides a one time max sized litter (as set by each species) when used in a breeding, and a +1 offspring roll.

Ancient Machine Parts. Emerald Tablet. Pearl X2. Polished Shell X2. Iron X4

Gilded Blade

Category: Tools

Provides a one time 100% crafting success for any school of crafting. +2 items will be randomly be returned to bank after crafting.

Curved Horns. Mercury. Scorpion Tail. Large Silver Ore. Mammoth Tusk. Copper Wire X2

Champion’s Charm

Category: Tools

Provides a one time boost when used for world events, either +3 raffle boost, or a +2 item reward, depending on which event is used.

Ancient Machine Parts. Platinum Ore. Lapis X4 Geode X4

Demolish Toolkit

Category: Tools

Allows for a craftable item to be broken down into it’s base components, with no risk of losing any.

Whale Bone, Mother of Pearl, Large Medical Kit X2, Glass Shard X4, Gear X5

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