Trait Categories


Traits that shape a character's health, abilities and access to certain activities and events in game.

Status breaks down into three types:

  • Natural: Blindness, deafness, or other altered physical traits, these will never stop a character from participating in game, and can be added to any character by a player on creation if they wish.
  • Unnatural: Additional add-ons caused by science or magic, these mostly adjust a character's design, and only stop a character from some Prompts or Events.
  • Injury: Status earned randomly during Resource Gathering, Questing, or Events. These come and go, and can be removed via Items, or Creative Prompts.

A character may have multiple Natural and Unnatural Status Traits, but will only have one Injury Status at a time, as these stack if ignored.

Minor Wound > Major Wound > Incapacitated
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