Trait Categories


Skills are treated like any other trait based on rarity level, and currently have no species based restrictions.

If both parents have the same skill it passes more readily than only one parent having that skill. Common skills will pass on more often, while Rare and Legendary skills pass on less often, much like traits on any species on Arcane Zoo. Character may have a max of three skills at any time, new skills added via items or rewards will replace a current skill.


Paired Skills:

  • Skills marked ‘Paired with X’ means any single character may only have ONE of these TWO paired skills EVER, these are opposing rewards and will always be paired in balance. Think of these as the same skill, with dual sides.
  • If both parents have a single opposing skill pair during a breeding, it will be treated as a shared rarity level trait, but only one skill will ever pass to their offspring on a 50/50 RNG roll.
  • Players adding new skills to already Imported characters may not double up any ‘paired’ skills if one is already present.
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