Yens (Familiar Subtype)


Yens are an ethereal species that has existed as long as the people of the world have kept and cared for domestic animals. A few scant records do point to their interactions with humans before the rebuilding. Yens live across the whole continent, and interact with humans casually everywhere.

Basic Biology:

Existing beyond the physical realm, Yens are earthbound spirits built from the emotional connection with a domestic pet that transcends their lifetime. Born when a beloved pet dies, Yens will move on to connect with new owners endlessly. They do not require food, water or even air to live. The only thing that can kill a Yens is lack of connection over long periods. Yens cannot be bred, and do not need to train up, however they act as additional boosts in game, and allow for unique monthly item rolls.

  • Chanti Yens: The most common Yens type, small and fluffy they vary in personality from shy and aloof, to clingy and playful. Resemble domestic cats.
  • Wanni Yens: The most spotted Yens, as they love companionship, generally focused on their living owners, they can be friendly and jovial, or protective and loyal. Resemble domestic dogs.
  • Aviren Yens: Winged Yens that roam far, but always return to their owners, generally a little more free willed and wild, but still very attached to those they connect with. Resemble either hunting birds such as falcons and hawks, or colorful parrots, canaries and doves.
  • Rustalli Yens: The rarest of Yens, small and very playful and agile. Pranksters, but also creative and resourceful. Resemble domestic ferrets, rats, or rabbits.


When a Yens is born, they earn a set Element that affects their character, sometime as physical accents, but also an effect that give them boosts during months these elements control. Known Yens elements are: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Celeste, and Void. Some rare Yens can hold double elements.

Item fetch: Once a month a player may send this familiar to gather 1-2* items from a region of their choice.

All Yens can go out on quests to retrieve items once a month, their type and element will affect the items returned, and how many items will be rolled for.

Some events even give bonus rolls if a player draws their Yens alongside other game species and characters.

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