Oraborhys (Familiar Subtype)


Oraborhys are old world creatures, it’s unknown how long they’ve been part of the local landscape, only that records shows these tiny reptiles have been around awhile. These harmless and otherwise rather shy creatures have become Rokay spirits, as they tend to be rare and only seen by locals once in a lifetime.

Basic Biology:

At max length Oraborhys are 2 feet long, but lean toward 1 foot or less for most individuals, resembling small pythons with scaled skin in varying colors. Males have two sets of small streamlined wings set alongside their serpentine bodies. Females have a small set of delicate avian like legs, and only one set of more broad wings set along their bodies. Rebis can potentially have either set up or a combination of wings and feathered avian legs. Some Rebis can even have avian legs AND two sets of wings, but this is more rare.


 Oraborhys are born within elemental alignments, which always affects their physical forms. Currently know elements are: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Celeste, and Void. Oraborhys can not be dual elemental.

Breeding redo: Once a player’s posted breeding is rolled, a player may reroll 1-2* offspring for a new random genotype using this familiar.

All Oraborhys can reroll a single genotype from a breeding once per month, if they use this skill on a month that shares their elemental typing, they will get the higher outcome.

Some events even give bonus rolls if a player draws their Oraborhys alongside other game species and characters.

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