Klingka (Familiar Subtype)


Klingka are small creatures known since humanity has kept records, well known for their draw towards valuable metals, looking for Klingka to find rich ore veins in the earth has been tradition for ages. Considered harmless, they prowl just outside human settlements, but have become more uncommon in recent years.

Basic Biology:

Roughly the size of large cats, Klingka look similar to foxes, with large brush tails, small paws and pointed ears. Their body has fine scales, that resemble metal coins, these flake off when petted and shed yearly. The coat color of Klingka is dictated by the months they were born in, and boosts their sixth sense of tracking metals when in alignment. Omnivores, Klingka eat mostly berries and fruit, with some eggs and small fish and frogs on the side, they aren’t above stealing a treat from human settlements when they can.


Klingka are sensitive to the Aether flow and the month one is born will share it’s element, known Klingka elements are: Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Celeste, and Void. Some rare Klingka can hold double elements.

Tribute chaser: Once a month a player may send this familiar out to attempt to gather some Tribute Points. 50/50 for 2TP default, 25/75 for 2TP on shared months.

All Klingka can go out on quests to retrieve TP once a month, their and element will affect the amount returned.

Some events even give bonus rolls if a player draws their Klingka alongside other game species and characters.

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