We lived here forever, you people are the new ones.

Basic biology:

We are large creatures in-between avian, reptile and mammal. We can fly. We’re all about 5 feet tall, but can range a little smaller or larger up to 8 feet for some big hybrids between regions. Female presenting Balikin have duller colors and smaller feathers, while male presenting Balikin have bright, exaggerated feathers. Otherwise all genders are generally similar in build and presentation.

We live in family groups not related by blood, and these groups are around 7-12 Balikin, we are very sociable and will take in others in need, we also share resources between different family groups.

Balikin can speak Human and Kirunhound. But our speaking voices are different than yours, so we sound a bit different when using your languages. Talking to each other we use body language and clicks, growls and beeps.

We eat all things, if we eat meat we try to only eat small things like bugs, frogs and eggs. We love fruit!

I don’t know how you count time, but we live a long time I think.


Balikin eyes are built for long distance views, and will always be round or oval. Pupils will also be round or oval and always present. If a sclera is present it will only be white, black, red or yellow. Eye color can be any color including pure black or white. Heterochromia is not present.


Balikin feet are highly variable and are not shaped by their heritage. The feet will be bird like, with some reptile traits that might be present. Balikin will have between 2 and 5 toes per foot, each with a sharp clawed toe. Feet can have dense scales, fluffy feathering or a light furring. Feet, scales, and claws can be any color, but should look to earthly birds and reptiles for guidelines.

While Balikin feet don’t follow any regional heritage, the shape of their feet will dictate how they live, a Balikin that runs across open ares will benefit from 2 large toes, while a 4 toed foot split front and back might be better for a Balikin that lives in trees hunting in the dark.

Teeth and Mouth:

Balikin have many small sharp teeth that don’t extend far from the mouth, canine teeth might be slightly larger and hang over the lip. Tongues can be large and flat, or sharp and narrow. Tongues can also be splayed or split at the tip. Teeth can be black or white. Tongues will be pinks, tans, purples or dull off white.

Traits that are based on a character’s ingame genotype:
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