New Player Starting Guide

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
  • Sign up for the game! All you need is a working email to get started. Registration Link
  • Some Email providers will not receive our confirmation links, Hotmail being the most well know. If you run into any issues with getting your email, Staff can help Verify you over on Discord.
  • Link your account. This is optional, and only allows for Deviantart at the moment, more options will be added in the future. Account connection Link
  • Join the Discord to connect with other players and additional staff help if you have questions. Discord link.
  • Once you have your MYO slots, time to design them, you can find the templates as well as guides for whats allowed on basic creation here.
  • Get to know the Species: Kirunhound Guide | Popokee Guide
  • Not ready to make a character from scratch? Check out the sales channel on Discord or on the Forums, many players are offering pre-designed characters for New Players, or help in getting one started.
  • Once your Citizen/MYO starter is approved, you can add a personal profile, place them in a homeland, and name them using 'Edit Profile' on the lefthand options when viewing them.
  • Drawn and Written work submitted for in game rewards has to follow some basic rules. Creative Works link.
  • If you use our onsite Gallery to submit art, there's also a few rules for what can uploaded here. Gallery Rules link.
Not sure where to start in getting into game activities? A new character can do these right away:
  • Resource Gathering - Draw or write about your character hunting, fishing, or looking for neat rocks to earn in game items.
  • Character journeys - Draw or write about your character's life and backstory, this lets them access Breeding, boosts to Gathering, and Jobs.
  • Events - Monthly events and World Story Events are happening all the time in the game, earn big rewards, and help advance the world lore.
These activities are a little more advance and require either characters to level up, or to have the needed items in game to access:
  • Questing - Draw or write about special story lines with special guidelines, earn extra rare rewards and unlock unique in game Locations.
  • Crafting - Take all those Common Items and turn them into something more interesting.
  • Breeding - Take a chance at the Generic RNG lottery, smash together the NPCs in game, or your own characters to create new MYO babies.
  • Jobs - Coming soon! Take up a trade and submit monthly prompts to earn rewards.
Special Things that happen Monthly, BiMonthly or during set Holidays:
  • Raffles - Bi Monthly, usually offer one ticket for free, others can be earned through Prompts or special requirements.
  • Sales - Bi Monthly, the game offers up thematic items for direct sale.
  • You can bookmark characters you want to come back to with the 'Bookmark' link in the upper right of their profile.
  • Once you have a few characters, you can reorganize them by dragging and dropping the icons on your personal character page. Put your favorites first, or show off your rare kids.
  • Using the Helpdesk on Discord is the fastest way to contact all staff in game, this is useful for questions, or catching errors on site.
  • For issues that require private contact from Admin such as issues with another player, please email