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Updated 3 years ago

Arcane Zoo hosts it's own onsite gallery, which players can use to store artwork into their character's on site profiles, and submit it to Prompts and Events. While everyone is welcome to host art elsewhere, using the built in gallery is welcome for all game activies. Currently we require all art and stories to be checked over by staff before it's accessable on site, so you may not see your submissions appear right away.

Gallery rules:
  • You may only post artwork or stories that:
    • You created yourself.
    • You collabarated on with someone else.
    • You had made for your character by someone else, either commissions, trades or gifts.
  • Artwork and stories must be PG rating max, nothing should be be too violent, sexual or out of line for what would pass in a PG movie.
  • Some subjects need to be tagged with warnings:
    • Blood / gore / characters or animals being harmed as part of hunts or fights.
    • Animated gifs with flashing colors or patterns.
Some things of note:
  • Multiple characters can be tagged in an image, an as such you only need to upload a image ONCE, every character tagged will have that image added to their gallery.
  • The same goes for creators, if two players worked on a shared story, only ONE person will need to upload it and add the other, both will have access to it, as well as credited on the submission.