Voltlund Coast

Main Land

Can be home to both users and characters.

The temperate Western coast

Covers the whole coastal stretch of the upper and middle west coast of the main land. Noted for it’s soft peaks and lush foot hills with dense trees and temperate forest. The weather is warm, but broken up by rain showers most days, with the cooler winter months turning into snow. Voltlund is also home to many rich waterways and cave systems. Plants and food are abundant, but resources are not readily traded outside the region. Major cities are the most modern in the main land, with structures being made of sturdy formed rock, metal and plastics, even smaller settlements are equipped with modern technology. Hunting, fishing and farming are all common jobs, with just as many residents working in science and other higher tech jobs.

Kirunhounds: This region is the environmental home of the breed, with the majority of transient Kirunhounds migrating here long term. Wild packs are large and well fed on local plants and animals. Kirunhounds that work within local cities are the most accepted culturally and even get placement within local Universities of Science and Alchemy for their work.

Popokee: Newly settled by the species, the majority of Popokee to the region keep closer to the coast despite the numerous lakes and streams further inland. Wild Popokee have started to explore and settle further inland but haven’t fully settled yet. A few integrated pods work the major coastal cities, taking up a fondness for ocean clean up and retrieval as jobs.

Local Wildlife: Sabertooth salmon. Giant otter. Seal. Squid. Various seabirds. Fox. Shark. Deer.

Unique Features and Landmarks: NONE discovered yet!


Miscellanous: Longtailed Krain and Horned Sealuga

Associated Events

World Events: Shattered Lands and To the Wastes