To the Wastes

World Events
The first stop along the way.

The rag tag team gathers their supplies and readies to travel, Boffa doing her favorite activity of carrying what she can and Sotroot, with some help from both Holios and Runmajor has collected copies of maps and other useful intel of the region to help keep things organized and prepared.

Holios has a few words before the team breaks off from here:

“The first place you need to go is the Stygian Wastes, it borders the mountains of what you call the Voltlund Coast, I marked three places to focus the search for the Balikin communities, it’s still a harsh place, so be careful. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, if you see any Black Crystal I’ll need a few when you return.”

Sotroot, leading the charge, offers some advice as the adventuring party makes it way to the tiny pass, long since hidden to even the most hardened locals.

“It’s a cold place, but despite the snow, it’s also got some space heated by sulfur springs, we just need to move between those to stay on track. The rocks along the way are sharp, even a local traveler can get hurt, and there’s no cover to camp at night, so it’s best we keep our wits until we find the Balikin stronghold.”

The first place the team needs to move through and spend some time is the narrow pass surrounded by frozen water, a tiny space that has been missed by most of the inhabitants of the Voltlund Coast due to it’s size and unnatural shaping. The environment here is dark and rocky, with patches of lichen, but not much else. Toward, but delicate sharp rocks loom in the distance.

On the way back to the camp, a feeling of being watched becomes ever present, looking up at the rocky cliffs a fleeting figure takes flight, vanishing into the gloom of an uncoming storm..



To be continued..


Main Lands: Voltlund Coast


Miscellanous: Explore the Stygian Waste