Wastes Onward!

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Kicking off a wonderful 'Month One' on the new site, and all activities are starting to get back to normal, a few more small things to be tied up, but streamlining the process has been put into place!

First off, while the majority of things from the original site have moved completely to item based ownership,  a few unique things are still hanging in permission link form. If you want to check what you might still have access to, you can check out the 'Staff Records' Page here.

To use anything that carried over, just submit a Claim linking the comment with your item, and list which you want to use and Staff will get you sorted.

Next, we've already hit some advancements on the current Balikin Adventure in the Stygian Waste:

Both prompts have hit the first story mark, and from here the first prompt to hit the next one will change which story path we continue down, as well as the next set of locations. So keep those Prompts coming! You can always follow updates to the story here: https://www.arcanezoo.com/world/events/3

cheetahtrout was able to clear a safe pathway to help speed up the convoy on it's way, while rooklinqs caught a glimpse of a Balikin keeping an eye on the group's progress as a storm starts to roll in.

And for upcoming events:

February is a special month here, and in honor of my birth month, there's going to be a special Sale and Raffle Combo!  The focus of items raffled and for sale will be Familiars; MYO Yens and Oraborhys will be offered. A special limited time Prompt will open up for this, allowing players to draw or write to get some extra Raffle Tickets.




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