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A space that staff can check in and out any rewards not tied to items.

Please tag any removed items with your name and date used as a comment.


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- 2x Wild skill (

2021-10-21 22:12:50

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- 1x combo starter breeding, two offspring minimum
Cannot include Holiday starters
- 1x combo starter breeding, no lineage
Cannot include Holiday starters
- 1x Laid back skill

2021-01-04 23:16:24 (Edited 2021-09-25 19:02:54)

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Comment deleted

2021-01-04 22:51:24 (Deleted 2021-09-21 21:16:25)

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- 1x Laid Back skill

2021-01-04 22:40:02

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- 1x Restless skill
- 1x Fleet of Foot skill

2021-01-04 22:39:56

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