Happy Feasting!

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Happy Fests of Fire, get ready to chomp down on some tasty treats this month and chase off the last of the cold weather with spicy food!

A limited time prompt will go up shortly that will reward a Red Spice Tea item, players will be allowed to claim this one once.


Up next, the February Raffle has been rolled out winners are:
  • MYO Yens | Basic Element picked by owner - cosmonstars
  • MYO Yens | Dual Element, both picked by owner - rooklinqs
  • MYO Oraborhys | Random Element - GrimmRaven
  • MYO Yens or Oraborhys | Basic Element picked by owner and official art by Skulldog - OctoberGeist (Drop me an email with what you want drawn at Skulldog@gmail.com!)

Reward MYO slots will be generated shortly and you should be able to start creating your new Familiars right away.

Upcoming Events:

Our next site Sale and Raffle with happen in April, and introduce two new Holiday Starters, each with a new Legendary Marking that has some unique changes.



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