27 December 2020 (3 months ago)

He | Him | Call me Red or Grimm

Art of my character by Umbrella-Bazaar on THArt of my character by Umbrella-Bazaar on ToyHouseArt of my character by Umbrella-Bazaar on TH

I am an artist based in the Southwestern United States, with a focus on fantasy art, writing, and character design. 

I'm relatively new to Arcane Zoo, as I dabbled with it but due to school and mental health I had a long break, but I'm looking forward to becoming more involved with the community and lore of the site, as well as being able to draw my Kirunhounds and being able to develop their stories and backgrounds.

Art of my character by fangs-of-wolf on Art Fight!by Rooklinqs!!

Dragon art by Rooklinqs and 

werewolf art by fangs-of-wolf

on ArtFight! Both pixels

by Umbrella-Bazaar on TH.
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