The Giving Holiday Event

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With many holiday sliding in as the last months of the year Arcane Zoo will be taking a small wind down period as we  head into 2022.

This break time allows players to enjoy time off, catch up on non event art and writing, and give staff some time to regroup and rest.This break also give Skulldog some extra time to catch up on site art for items, as well as future Monthly Mutations and new Markings.

A few small things will happen during this time, the first is an event to celebrate sharing and gift giving.

'The Giving'

Using this thread in the forums players can now start creating a 'Wishlist',and offer up some things they've been eyeing in game. Players may ask for 3 different things on these and are encouraged to help fill other players wishes if you happen to have what they're looking for. These can contain the following requests:

  • Items you want in game but currently don't have
  • Genos with certain traits you're looking for
  • Art and Writing request for characters in game
  • Designs for Genos or Citizens you own

The Giving will last until January 1st, and once done, staff will tally who gave and who got gifts from their list and using that hold one final Raffle for the year.


Breeding Permissions have undergone a huge change

This chance is to allow players to sell and trade their character's slots without having to send Claims into staff for approval, instead as you level up a character now, they will be given Permissions as a form of currency that you can give out to other players and include usage rules on the slot itself. This also allows for in game items that allow players to add extra Permissions to characters that have maxed out their limits.

One thing to be aware of with this change, permissions are now tied to a single player and may not be used by other players for a breeding, with the exception of splits when allowed.

Characters that have used breedings under the old tracked system have been updated, and any character leveling up from here will be given these Permission Items in their Character Bank to use.


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