Ull Canyons

Main Land

Can be home to both users and characters.

The dry centural canyons

The smallest of the regions, taking up a small central sliver in the middle of the main land. Rugged dry landscapes that seem almost barren, with huge canyons and valleys that a traveler can easily become lost in fill most of the lands. Food and plants are rare year round, living here requires much training and some luck to survive. Only one major city exists in the shadow of a sharp line of mountains, built around an underground lake that provides water. Buildings are partially carved into the cliffs, with decorative stone accents. Jobs include both medicine, science and alchemic research.

Kirunhounds: Native born Kirunhounds will be short coated, with larger ears, short tails and horns, and generally have a larger shoulder and neck bulk to store water. Few Kirunhounds work in the city of this region, while wild packs are few and far between.

Popokee: Due to a lack of above ground water sources they require, Popokee can not natively live here. Visiting individuals can also not receive second steps to any Discovery or Storyline Quest set in this region.

Local Wildlife: Condor. Camel. Various desert lizards and snakes. Fennec fox. Bobcat. Jackrabbit. Pigeon.

Unique Features and Landmarks: NONE discovered yet!

Contains the following

Discovery Location: Ancient Stones


Miscellanous: Flarran, Longtailed Krain, and Raven

Associated Events

World Events: Shattered Lands and The Balikin Return