Sorantto Veldt

Main Land

Can be home to both users and characters.

The vast seasonal praires

While this region only takes up a small area of the lower west coast, it spills out into the majority of the western landmass, and is the largest zone. Renown for it’s vast stretches of open prairies, the veldt goes through seasons of dry and rainy periods, and fluctuates resources in repeating cycles. Food and plants are variable, but require knowledge to track and hunt food in such a large space. Major cities are simple, and use humble materials such as mud and reeds. Smaller settlements may be nothing more than a series of tents and protective walls to keep out predators. Residents here tend to take up many skills, leaning on hunting, building and production to make a living.

Kirunhounds: Wild packs have the oldest known interactions with other sapient species in this region, while the majority of native Kirunhounds will never interact with large cities, the smaller settlements cross paths with wild Kirunhound packs often. Native Kirunhounds tend to make small migrations toward the coast during the rainy summer months, and return to settlements inland around the fall.

Popokee: Native Popokee pods need to be adaptive and migrate along with the seasons, following the storms out to the coasts during the dry seasons. These locals will be streamlined and tend to have larger manes and heartier plants to aid in longer stretches without access to water on their journeys. These native also have the least interactions with human society, preferring to keep to themselves.

Local Wildlife: Quagga. Terror Bird. Giant tortoise. Smilodon. Gnu. Various antelopes. Bison.

Unique Features and Landmarks: NONE discovered yet!

Gatherable items:

Fur Scraps, Quills, Striped Feathers, Spotted Hide, Strange Fruit, Curved Horns, Honey, Hooves, Lean Meat, Red Meat, Woolly Hide, Perfect Bone, Tea Leaves, Beetle Shell, Void Plant, Prime Hide, Mammoth Tusk, Hunter Skull

Contains the following

Discovery Locations: Encased Egg, Healing Tree


Miscellanous: Common Sevicorn, Longtailed Krain, Skullprana, and Bison