Atlosian Wetlands

Main Land

Can be home to both users and characters.

The tropical jungles of the lower coast

Cover most of the lower east coast of the main land. Stretches of both swamp land and lush forests that run into warm palm tree filled beaches along the majority of the coasts. Huge trees and old settlements are all around. Food sources are abundant but plants and animals here have potential to be poisonous. Major cities are spread all over, from coastal ports, into smaller inland settlements built directly into the very cliffs of the jungles. Trade is done with the Kotakaii Mountain region via coastal sea ports. Farming, medical production and alchemic studies are major job offerings. Treasure and trophy hunting are less common but provide a comfortable living. Cities along the coast tend to be open air, with titled walls and floors. Cities within the forest land are constructed with wood and clay.

Kirunhounds: Naturally preferring open plains, Kirunhounds tend to avoid the dense jungle wilds of these wetlands. Wild packs tend to locate directly around major cities.The majority of Kirunhounds in this region have respectfully integrated into local human society, while keeping small packs outside their cities.

Popokee: Due to the naturally rough terrain Popokees almost exclusively live on the sunny coastal beaches of this region. Any that roam deeper inland wilds will be leggy, wild, and ready to only hunt prey intermittently. Coastal Popokees that work alongside humans, will spend their time catching fish and deep sea crabs.

Local Wildlife: Jaguar. Tapir. Raptor (feathered). Various parrots. Glyptodon. Various python and boa type snakes. Spider monkey. Giant sloth. Catfish.

Unique Features and Landmarks: NONE discovered yet!


Miscellanous: Longtailed Krain, Skullprana, and Mudicanth