[Closed] Holiday Restart Sale

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Welcome to the first trial run of the new site for handling Character Creation Item Sales and Raffle

From here on, all sales will be handled this way and will hopefully make the openings easier for all players. This will bring a few changes to how Sales work. A special shop named 'The Creator's Stall' will become available on the 25th, and remain on site until January 1st. Each time this shop opens for a Sale a new set of items will be available. All purchases from this shop will be done with Tribute Points. Already have some? You can buy what you want as soon as the shop opens!

Comments on this post will open automatically on the 25th, once they do players can comment to make their requests to purchase Tribute Points for USD. While TP can be earned from gathering, quests and events in game, players may only buy it directly during these bi-monthly sale openings.

Instead of buying items directly like in the past, players will now only purchase Tribute Points to spend or save however they want. Some months may provide a bonus item for TP purchases, and these bonuses will be provided on confirmation of payment.

Here's how to buy your Tribute Points:
    • Comment on this post with the amount of TP you want, (2TP=1USD,  so 50TP would be $25 and so on.)
    • Send payment when prompted to. Paypal and CashApp will both be available options.
    • Submit a Claim once payment is sent, linking your comment on the Sales Post for the needed URL.
    • Once payment is confirmed the Claim will be approved and TP (and any bonus items) will be added to your account.
Now for our first Raffle on site

This one has three different prize pools, one for New Players, one for Current Players, and one for Everyone.
Any player will only be added to two of the three areas, and players can only win one prize total.

New Players Prizes:
  • Blue Azoth + Volatile Crasis
  • 2 standard Breeding Vouchers + Hayyan's Blessing
Current Players Prizes:
  • Your Character featured in the Feburary Header art + 50% Discount Voucher
  • White Azoth + 10% Discount Voucher
Everyone Prizes:

All players can enter for one free ticket by commenting to this post with the following:

New Players: Link your favorite NPC character. You can find them here.
Currently Players: Link your favorite character you own. (This will be the one that's used should you win the banner art prize!)

This month anyone that purchases any amount of TP will also receive one extra ticket to the Everyone Pool as a bonus.






Mothmate Avatar

I quite like the King NPC! https://www.arcanezoo.com/character/NPC-051

2021-01-08 16:02:30

Lorekeeper Avatar
Lorekeeper Staff Member
Featured by Owner

This event is now closed!

2021-01-01 06:06:42 (Edited 2021-01-01 06:06:48)

cosmonstars Avatar

New Players:
this bean right here, officer 👉 https://www.arcanezoo.com/character/NPC-153

2020-12-31 03:31:23

Lorekeeper Avatar
Lorekeeper Staff Member

Tickets Added! Good Luck.

2020-12-31 20:00:31

Keagakinz Avatar

Hello, I’m a new player.
I like Kareal: https://www.arcanezoo.com/character/NPC-007

2020-12-31 00:20:47

Lorekeeper Avatar
Lorekeeper Staff Member

Tickets Added! Good Luck.

2020-12-31 19:59:43

zaxarie Avatar

hi i'm new and i love stork (https://www.arcanezoo.com/character/NPC-044)! she looks so soft and sweet.

2020-12-30 23:35:32

Lorekeeper Avatar
Lorekeeper Staff Member

Tickets Added! Good Luck.

2020-12-31 19:58:58

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