Bring on the Fools

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On the on going Quest line:

Some new things have happened around the site, first we have a new Location open for the 'Exploring the Stygian Wastes' story line,  leaving the group only one more spot to open up from here in their journey across the new area. Once this completes, players may set a character's Homeland to the Stygian Wastes and the location will open up to normal Resource Gathering.

Hoata stumbled on a secret cave of eggs, and a new Balikin watching over them.

And for those wanting to hatch a Balikin Egg, the Prompt to do so is open.

Upcoming Sales and New Holiday Starters:

As the Feasts of Fire winds down, a new month is rolling in soon, and with it we have a pair of new Holiday Starters.  While their Traits will be secret until the Sale goes lives, for now enjoy their colorful glory: and

What makes these Starters special? Both have a new Legendary Marking. These Markings have two levels of use, the basic one can be used by any character in game with the mark, and a Family Line version. This version can be used when either Starter is in the character's Lineage.

April brings us a new site sale, and this round will offer Holiday Breeding Tickets for the new Starters and Skills. This sale will start on April 1st and run until April 9th. This sale will also be a test for a 'Geno turn in' bonus. When the events goes like a series of randomized Traits+Markings will be posted. Any player with an unwanted Geno that has these combos can be turned in for additional Tickets to the raffle, or item prizes.

Winners of the Raffle:

Let's here it for the winners of the April 2021 raffle!

  1. Hoata gets x2 Festive Breeding Vouchers, Hayyan's Blessing + Baya's Tincture
  2. TastelessWhiskey gets Fractured Azoth + Random Crasis
  3. rooklinqs gets 50 TP
  4. Pure09 gets Gold Azoth MYO


And what's on the Horizon:

May will bring in two things of note, an Item Swap event, which was much requested back on the old site, and our first set of Holiday Mutations.  Get your breedings planned, as these Mutations will only drop during May, and can't be altered or changed to by other means once it's over.




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