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Welcome to the new and vastly improved Arcane Zoo site!

We've finished the shiftover and now the new Lorekeeper site is ready for access, we hope the changes here are well worth the downtime.

To get started returning players only need to register again on the new site,  staff will be moving all your characters, genos and full bank to your account here. You can get yourself caught up on some of the gameplay system changes via these new guides.

Please note a few things during this process:
  • Hotmail accounts will not receive our emails, and need to be manually verified in game, this also means you won't be able to do a password reset. I recommend signing up with another email service to avoid the hassle. In the future we're looking at other options for email verification to cover all providers.
  • If you signup with the same username, you do not have to do anything extra. If you sign up with a NEW username, you need to submit a Claim with your old account name and the email you signed up with on the old site. This is so staff can verify who you are.
  • Transferring of accounts will not be instantaneous, please give staff time to get through everyone.

Many game activities are already to join in, but a few are currently inactive while staff deals with player transfers. Fear not, the current Events and Questing will return once things settle from the signup rush. (Before the end of December!)

And finally as promised the bimonthly Character Creation Sale will still happen, starting on December 25th, running until January 1st. This will run along side a raffle that will be held for some special characters. Details of what's included for both of these will be posted in a few days.

Have Questions or need help? Drop staff a line over on Discord.


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