The Fear is Here

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After a month away, I have returned and with that we move into the best month of the year, and a small Halloween themed event in game.

Dare You Go Out?:

A new Prompt is now active for all of October, and can be found here.

There is no limit to submissions this round and each approved submission will receive between 1 to 10 Candy items.

Following the end of the event November 1st:

  • 'The Fear' will be added as a breedable NPC.
  • All Candy collected can be turned in for Prizes.
  • Prizes include premade Familiars with art by Skulldog , breeding items, Azoths, plus a few more things.

Monthly Sale and Raffle:

Starting October 16th a month character creation sale will go up, and a raffle will be held. This month's special prize will be a MYO Changeling Token.



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