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03/09/2021 Edited 03/09/2021

General Rules:

*Keep your posts as condensed as possible, and avoid posting multiple threads for each item you’re selling or looking for.
*Do not bump threads unless you have new items to sell, or are making large edits to your post. ‘Reminder’ posts are allowed once a week, threads that excessively update to remain on the front page may be locked.
*Scamming, charge backs and other instances of not upholding a sale agreement will result in a temporary ban from the site.

Players are welcome to sell and auction the following Arcane Zoo items:

*Approved Character Imports owned by the seller.
*Player owned Genotypes created from breedings, or Fractured Azoths.
*Breeding slots to your characters, or unused breeding slots to other player’s character you have ownership proof of.
*Items in your bank and game currency. (Kouneen and TP)
*Creative works such as drawn designs for Genotypes. Questing, Gathering and personal character art.

Players may NOT sell or auction the following Arcane Zoo items:

*Slots you have bought where the original owner does not allow resale in the agreement.
*Artwork, stories, or other creative works you are not creating yourself.
* Citizen characters.

Arcane Zoo allows players to buy, sell and auction items for both in game currency and items, or actual real world currency such as USD, EURO or CAD.

Trades can also be made in currency or items from other ARPGs and online games, HOWEVER it MUST be allowed in these games.

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