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Collaborative player map that folks can plot their character homes on, or any lore like locations 

Spectator link - view the board but can't edit
Invite link - will give permission to edit the map to add information

Unfortunately you do  need an account to edit the map - guest edits is a feature you have to pay for - but if you really don't want to make an account, comment below with all necessary info and someone will be able to add them for you.


Speedy tutorial on the basics:

1. - Pick your spot on the map and zoom aaalll  the way in
Select your desired shape from the sidebar on the left. Any Official Locations will use a red square, so please avoid this combination to avoid confusion


2. -  Drag out a tiny shape where your characters live
A new menu bar will pop up, you can personalise colour using this icon 


3. - Add a comment with details
Right click on your shape and "Add Comment" from the menu. You can edit this anytime and to delete it, just flip the resolve switch at the top. Enter submits the comment, but Shift + Enter adds a new line.


4. - When zoomed out, comments tend to block out much of the map
To hide these, first open the comment tab by clicking the comment button on the sidebar along the bottom. From here, you can see all comments/character locations, and even snap to their location with a click. The button in the bottom left corner hides the comment popups on the map.

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