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Current Event: Story Event – Shattered Lands Part 3 | Current Element: Air


6/5: New Mutations have been added for both Popokee and Kirunhounds, these are now currently active in game. Breeding pass rates for common and uncommon markings have been given a small tweak to make them a little more generous, and breedings where parents share the same common or uncommon markings even moreso! Staff will be adjusting and watching breedings, to keep them both fair for players, but also keep the RNG balanced.

Coming in July the big special sale will take place from July 20th to July 27th.This will be a special Familiar raffle. Tickets will be $10/20TP and all tickets will be guaranteed to at least get a ‘Make your own’ Yens token. Some tickets will earn special dual element Yens, familiars drawn by Skulldog, or a few will even get a special new familiar type.

5/23: Final voting for the Mutation contest is now up for voting! The special item sale is also running for a few days as well.

5/14: Voting for the Design a Mutation voting is up and will run until may 22nd. Voting gateway.






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What is an ARPG?

ARPGs, or ‘Art Role Playing Games’ are groups that focus on drawing and writing about a character, allowing them to find useful items, gain skills and level up. Think of it like a game of D&D where you don’t need a live GM directing you, and more freedom to do the things you want, any time you want, instead of completing quests and fighting monsters in a set story. You work to earn these things you want by creating unique pieces of art that determine your progression.

Arcane Zoo focuses on a series of original species, which also have the added feature of being able to breed new and unique offspring that can be bought and sold within the game.

There is no minimal skill level to join in and no minimal requirements for activity, you play how you want, and as often as you want.

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