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Current Event: Story Event – Shattered Lands Part 1 | Current Element: Water


8/15: Current World Walker Quest ‘Follow the Bones’ will be ended on August 25th. A new Quest will fill it’s place on the same day. All players should get their art and writing finalized if they wish to complete this quest for this month.

8/6: Our first World Event is now live! Shattered Lands Part 1 will run for the next month, and onward. New updates to the story can be followed in the first three posts to the thread.

8/1: Odaranah has come to an end, final entries will be rolled shortly and winners of the raffles will be announced over this weekend. A new Story Event will be starting up in a few days as well.

7/20: Popokee are now open to player creation! Go grab your character sheets and start coming up with the perfect design!

7/20: Rewards for the Feather Count will be rolled this weekend, as well some useful information for some upcoming events in August and September, in regards to Holidays and World Events.

7/3: Odaranah is now live, and introduces two new Popokee Starters to the game as part of the last step to open the Popokee species up to all players to create. More news to come!


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What is an ARPG?

ARPGs, or ‘Art Role Playing Games’ are groups that focus on drawing and writing about a character, allowing them to find useful items, gain skills and level up. Think of it like a game of D&D where you don’t need a live GM directing you, and more freedom to do the things you want, any time you want, instead of completing quests and fighting monsters in a set story. You work to earn these things you want by creating unique pieces of art that determine your progression.

Arcane Zoo focuses on a series of original species, which also have the added feature of being able to breed new and unique offspring that can be bought and sold within the game.

There is no minimal skill level to join in and no minimal requirements for activity, you play how you want, and as often as you want.

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