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Current Event: Caring for the Eggs | Current Element: Earth


5/52020: Balikin Eggs can now be hatched! A ‘Secret Santa’ style design swap mini event will starting at the end of the month.

4/6/2020: The Balikin need your help in raising some eggs.

4/1/2020: April’s character creation item sale is now live, and includes the new Gift Package box of RNG. Some interesting new visitors have arrived, and one of them is starting to provide some information about their species, keep on eye on this space for more details

3/22/2020: Congratulations to our winners of the Marking Design contest!

First prize @rooklinqs for Plated,  Second prize @hoata  for Seabed, and Third prize @pure09 for Overgrowth.

New Starter characters will be added shortly to give players access to these new markings.

3/11/2020: Voting for the ‘Design a Marking’ contest are now up and will run until March 16th, when the finals will be up for voting.

If you haven’t checked out the Discord channel, @hoata has put together some RP events for players to join with! And RP logs will be counted toward some in game activities so it’s a great way to interact with players and get a some items.


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What is an ARPG?

ARPGs, or ‘Art Role Playing Games’ are groups that focus on drawing and writing about a character, allowing them to find useful items, gain skills and level up. Think of it like a game of D&D where you don’t need a live GM directing you, and more freedom to do the things you want, any time you want, instead of completing quests and fighting monsters in a set story. You work to earn these things you want by creating unique pieces of art that determine your progression.

Arcane Zoo focuses on a series of original species, which also have the added feature of being able to breed new and unique offspring that can be bought and sold within the game.

There is no minimal skill level to join in and no minimal requirements for activity, you play how you want, and as often as you want.

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