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Resource Gathering

Category: Casual

Hunt, fish or hunt for cool rocks.


Guide to Resource Gathering :

Creative Works Guidelines:

When submitting Resource Gathering Prompts:
  • Artwork must be in color or if in black and white should be clean and finished looking, and feature at least your own character in full body. Up to three total characters may be featured in a single image, and all may submit the artwork for rolls.
  • Written works must be at least 700 words, and feature at least your own character. Up to three total characters may be featured in a single written work, and all may submit the written work for rolls.
  • All creative works must describe or show the the correct environment for the region you wish to gather in. (i.e: A dense jungle for the Atlosian Wetlands, or a river way with pine trees for Voltlund Coast.)
  • Role Play logs will also be accepted for these type of activities, following the same rules as written works, and will need to be between only two players.
  • If all three characters featured are owned by the same player, they can all be added to one Prompt submission. If different players own them, they need to be submitted seperately by their owners.
when submitting please include:
  • The World Region being used for gathering.
  • If the character has a Skill, or has a Machine equipped that will boost their gathering.
  • Any items being used during a gathering,  attached as an add on. Items that require player input use the comment area to list your choices.


On approval, a staff member will comment with the items awarded and add them to your bank.


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