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Explore the Stygian Waste

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The first stop on the Balikin's locations of interest.


The Stygian Wastes are a new Azorna region, and creative works during the event will act just like standard Gathering prompts done in that region. This story point allows players to explore each of the Three Locations Holios left on the map, each has its own creative work prompt requirements, and the more you finish in the story the more rewards you can get.

Characters drawn or written about will have their Trained status used for these and additional items that boost gathering will be usable here.

These are unexplored zones, and as such there’s a 10% chance on each submission a character featured may earn a minor wound while checking out the new region. So get your healing kits ready, you’ll need them. There’s also a 15% chance of receiving a story advancement, rare item, or Balikin encounter.

All players will start at Location One, and once opened up,  can continue to Location Two and onward. Players that complete all Three locations will receive a unique reward after the Balikin troupe finishes it’s goals in the Wastes and the story advances.

Location One: The Stone Pass

The first place the team needs to move through and spend some time is the narrow pass surrounded by frozen water, a tiny space that has been missed by most of the inhabitants of the Voltlund Coast due to it’s size and unnatural shaping. The environment here is  dark and rocky, with patches of lichen, but not much else. Toward, but delicate sharp rocks loom in the distance.

Sotroot reminds the team that the dangerous wildlife they might see in this snowy pass are: Woolly Mammoth, Musk Ox, Polar Bears, and Aurochs. If food is needed, the animals available are Lemmings, Geese, and Salmon.

Prompt One:

Not everyone on the trip is here due to their strength, some joined to lend their less physically active skills. Draw or Write about your character helping in other ways, this can be helping chart the maps, mending injuries or perhaps cooking a nice meal.

Prompt Two:

With the rough ground and lack of cover, a lot of the physically fit travelers will need to stand guard and keep away nighttime threats while others sleep. Draw or Write about your character helping scout, track, or protect the camp and travelers against wayward wildlife at night.


Location Two: The Furnace baths

After a few long days of travel, and the work of many eager adventures, a safe and functional pathway has been found to the next place on the map. A small canyon flanked by tall jutting stones, just in view of the the black rock mountain, now clearly much more than that, it's actually a dominate volcano. Small pools of sulfur and volcanic vents heat pits and pools all over the landscape, a welcoming rest before you head out to the final location.

Prompt One:

You earned this break, it's been a rough trip so far! Draw or Write about your character taking a relaxing moment in the hot springs, maybe they play around, or take a short solem moment to reflect on the trip so far.

Prompt Two:

The work isn't done, let everyone else relax there's other places here to explore Draw or Write about your character exploring the black stone caves around the mountain, avoid the steam and toxic pools, and see if you can find any additional clues to the Balikin home here.


When submitting Prompts:
  • Drawn art must be in color and feature the local landscape.
  • Written work must be 800 words and also feature the local landscape as part of the written details.
  • Solo work may feature only TWO characters for this event.
  • Players may collaborate on creative works and include FOUR characters, TWO for each player in the collab.
  • Players that collab for these will receive a collective bonus roll for advancement in the story.
when submitting please include:
  • The Location Number and Prompt Number (Sample: Location 1/Prompt 2)
  • Attach all characters featured.
  • Any items being used during a gathering,  attached as an add on. Items that require player input use the comment area to list your choices.


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