Resource Gathering

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Training to improve their abilities to gather useful materials, hunt for food sources and survive in the wild while doing so are an important series of skills for any creature in the world of Arcane Zoo. As players it’s also a great way to earn items and story points for your characters as they train!

  • Characters gathering in their native homeland have the advantage of knowing it better than outside explorers, giving them access to rare and valuable supplies only locals know about.
  • All locations have a small chance of revealing Tinctures or Azoths, and some other rare items.
  • The things you draw or write about a character doing on a gathering mission will not affect what items are rolled for, and rewards are only based on the Region being gathering within.
  • Character who have completed Training in their Story line will have access to a boost to successful rolls for gathering submissions.


  • Kotakaii Mountains:
    • While there may not be much in the way of rare herbs, and the wildlife doesn’t provide much worth selling, the unforgiving terrain is absolutely worth exploring for the unique and sought after alloys and minerals only found in the mountain caves here.

  • Atlosian Wetlands:
    • With exotic plants and trees at every step, it’s hard to settle on what’s the best to return with. The wildlife makes for a dangerous challenge, so would be gatherers better keep an eye out for danger in the forest undergrowth while looking for ancient relics.
  • Voltlund Coast:
    • Natural geographical conditions leave this area a prime spot to gather gems, as well as valuable shells from expansive coastlines. While the plants and land based wildlife doesn’t offer anything too interesting, few places are more rich in valuable water based prey than here.
  • Sorantto Veldt:
    • Vast and almost endless, this region provides an equally endless selection of wildlife, many of which are highly sought after for their hides, horns and claws. The plant life here shouldn’t be overlooked either, many rival the value of gems in other places, and are much less difficult to obtain.
  • Ull Canyons:
    • Maybe the stories of haunted old ruins makes for the lack of interest in this region as a gathering spot, or possibly the general lack of plants or wildlife seal the deal, what is true is that the lucky hunters that do come back with relics from long forgotten times, or elusive animals, will be rewarded handsomely.