Prompts and Claims

Created 3 years ago
Updated 6 days ago

In the game you'll be using two types of submissions to earn items, money or to update characters. Each will cover different activities, and have a set requirement for how to submit them.

Claims cover quick updates, or requests that don't require Creative Works. These usually are straightforward and don't require more than a few links and attaching the needed items to your Claim.

Claims are used for:

Claims are submitted via the upper right tab. Using the Guides linked above, each has it's own required setup.

Prompts generally require artwork or writing, and provide larger random rewards if approved. Prompts can also cover things that are limited to a set number of times per month, and may not require Creative Works. Each Prompt will list all requirements for what's needed, the number of times it can be completed each month, and any requirements for Characters.

Prompts are used for:

A full list of all open Prompts can be found here.