Discovery Locations

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

A special reward that can be earned during Discovery Quests and Monthly Events. Locations, when discovered will always be tied to the player that finds them first, other players may hold ownership of these locations afterwards, but only one player will ever get to claim original discovery!

Players may use three location’s ‘Permanent’ effects each month, so players that own multiple Locations will have to choose carefully which to use for their three Monthly rewards. ‘Limited’ rewards can be used whenever the owner of the Location wants, and will not count toward the monthly limit for Permanent rewards.

Once owned, Locations can provide different types of rewards to the owner, and each unique location has it’s own set of requirements to claim a reward, some require creative submissions to be made first, or can only be submitted during certain monthly events.

Types of Landmarks and artifacts Rewards:
  • Limited: Provides a one time reward, once this is used ownership is given up.
  • Permanent: Provides a permanent reward to the current owner that can be claimed once a month.
  • Plot Point: Starts a site wide story, or advances a story line. Some may provide a bonus during a story to the player who finds it first.
  • Some finds give the option to use them as either limited or permanent boosts.