In Game Genders

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Character species in the world of Arcane Zoo are very diverse and shouldn’t have to be divided into just a default ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ box based on a stat roll, instead there’s room for players to sort their characters into a much larger spectrum, allowing for more creative control in how players approach their storytelling.

Within the game a character’s Sex Trait is determined by their randomly rolled genes and only reflects their biological breeding status within the game mechanics.

  • Males and Females are born in equal amounts.
  • Rebis characters make up 10% of the population, and share physical traits from both sexes and are capable of breeding with any sex. Breeding is more demanding on their bodies and they naturally create smaller litters, but they are otherwise completely similar in all other game dynamics.
  • Genderless characters are unique to some Species, and aren't bound by normal  rules, being able to breed via a magical process.

A character’s Gender in the world of Arcane Zoo can be diverse and allow players to create characters in a way they want to role play, and allows for a spectrum of character uniqueness.

On character approval submissions a player may include information in their description about a character’s gender. This trait is not affected by ANY part of the genotype traits and is completely up to the player to set and control if they wish to add this information to a character's page.