Dye Guide

Created 3 years ago
Updated 2 years ago

Here's a quick guide for how many Dyes you need to do touch up characters.

  • Dye may not mimic Markings for the Species being dyed, they can add additional accents to the markings, or change the colors of them.
  • For multiple markings all should be the same general size and shape, any that are significantly larger or different in shape will need additional Dyes.
  • When updating, you'll need the Dye Color that corresponds to the mark or accents. If you add green spots, you'll need a Green Dye.
  • For colors that fall in between colors, either end may be used, so a teal mark could use either Green Dye or Blue Dye.

How many Dyes do I need for the following?

Add color accents to Manes and Tails  - One Dye

Recolor a Marking - One Dye+

Adding a small marking, or multiple small markings in the same color - One Dye

Adding multiple markings in different colors - One Dye for each color used

Color Wings on Kirunhounds - Two Dyes