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Crafting is the art of combining simple raw materials into complex, useful, or more valuable items. Crafting styles come in a variety of different systems, each with it’s own level of mastery to work through. Crafting level is tied to a user’s account, and not a single character in game, at max level a player still has a less than 100% success rate, so drawing or writing a submission alongside the crafting submission is the only way to guarantee item creation. While drawing or writing a creative submission is NOT required to craft, including one will increase success rate by another 10%. 

  • Novice: Starting out will give a player 60% chance of successfully creating the item they wish to craft, and a 40% failure rate.
  • Apprentice: After successfully completing 10 items, a player moves on to Apprentice level, and adjusts success to 70% and failure to 30%.
  • Master: After completing another 15 items (25 total), a player is then considered a Master. Success adjusts to 80% and failure to only 20%
  • Grand Master: And after creating a final set of 20 items (45 total), a player finally reaches the top as a Grand Master, leaving them only a small 10% chance of failure.


Currently the crafting schools offered are:

  • Alchemy Research: This branch of crafting relies on blending the natural items of the world into tinctures and stones. Items can alter aspects of a character’s design, or add additional properties to things like armor and weapons. Creates: Tinctures and Dye items.
  • Science Arts: The opposite branch from Alchemy, Science Arts work with materials like metals and wire to create machines that aid other areas of crafting, resource gathering, and story events. Creates: Tools and Machine items.
  • Culinary: While this may seem like the more basic of crafting systems, Culinary creators are just as prized around the world. Creating food, drinks and other boosts for characters, these items increase stats, heal wounds and even help boost breeding. Creates: Food Plates and Spices.
  • Weaponsmith: Shaping gold, leather and other common place items into armor and weapons of all types. These crafters produce items to aid in battle, and some items that just look great and allow players to add costume addons to their characters. Creates: Weapons, Armor and Accessories.