Companions / Handlers

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

While many ARPGs have art challenges, trials and events that require a unique game character species to have a partner, handler or rider; Arcane Zoo forgoes this trend to let players play the type of characters they want to role play, draw and explore with.

  • Players that want to only create stories around a pack of Kirunhounds or a pod of Popokee they own, are free to.
  • Players that want to design a humanoid avatar to act as a secondary characters in their stories, are also free to. The group even rewards some extra Story Points for including characters outside of the approval based species in game.


What’s the Canon for Personal characters not falling into breedable species here?:

Any two legged, human or humanoid races are fine to include within the world of Arcane Zoo. Elves, Anthros, Shapeshifters, or just your own unique variations are more than welcome here! Our setting is a mix of low tech modern human society, with elements of magic and fantastic creatures.

Many natural animals are also part of the world, and can be created as player side characters the same way a human avatar can. If you want to include a wolf or cat as a supporting side character in your Kirunhound or Popokee’s story, go for it!

There is one restriction: Arcane Zoo does not allow fancharacters based in other large IPs. So no Dragonball Saiyans, no Homestuck Trolls, no Sonic style hedgehogs. You MAY however redesign a fancharacter to be unique enough that it’s not immediately recognizable as the creative property it’s originally from.