Altering a Character

Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago

Many items exist in game that allow for the altering of a character's markings, mutations or physical traits. This page lists available items and how to use them. Some require a Claim to find the random outcome before you edit a character's sheet, while others can simply be included when you submit a charactrer update.

Items that can be used directly when editing a character's Import Sheet:
Items that provide random outcomes that need to be claimed first:

To see the random changes these items bring to a character, submit a Claim with the following:

The item will be removed from your bank and the result given as a comment, if you like the new random outcome you can use the successful Claim link when updating the character's Import Sheet. If you don't like it just submit a new Claim with new items, you do not need to edit the character after seeing the results.