[Stygian] Cold days, cold nights

In Event Art ・ By Zincwolf
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[Stygian] Cold days, cold nights
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In Event Art ・ By Zincwolf

Location One:
- Step One -
"This is what happens when you go out and do stupid stuff, honey" Mamba grumbled. She'd wanted to go find out more about the origin of the egg - the Balikin egg she'd recently found out. She'd found out through some of the whispers from Asha's connections, as the yellow kirun had promised, and she'd decided to drag the little green idiot with her. Besides... this seemed like a dangerous journey. Her medicines and medical knoweldge could come in handy, even if neither of them were espeically strong.

Marvie, holding his bruised paw grouchily out for her to see while he refused to meet eyecontact, pressed closer into Velvet's thick fur as hard shivers ran through his body. He hated the cold. He hated Mamba. But he couldn't argue that he was curious too. He told himself this would be a good oppertunity to shift some left over stock, but in reality, he didn't have a choice. Mamba had seen him responsible for learning more about it as well since he'd found it and taken it in the first place. She was convinced they could maybe find its parents. Pft. 

aka - Mamba is there to provide her medicine knowledge as a healer, and Marvie is there to sell stuff and keep his ears securely on his head, and not torn off by said angry healer

Location One:
- Step 2 -
Marvie huddles beneath his faithful friend to stave off the cold the wracks his small form in the unforgiving environment. He wishes he was anywhere else then here right now, but a small part of him that wasn't terrified he was about to get snapped up by some predator felt  a small satisfaction of doing something brave. Something he wouldn't have expected himself to be capable of. Plus, Velvet's long, sharp claws inches from his face gave him a huge sense of comfort. Even if Mamba wouldn't protect him... he'd be safe. 

Mamba sticks close to the little guy despite her earlier mood with him. He irritated her to no end sometimes but she admired his courage. He'd not even complained once about being asked to guard the group they were with. She missed the warmth of her canyon home as much as he probably missed it too, but at least she had her scales to protect her body. She didn't envy his bald back and short fur. She sighed. She misses home.

Mamba and Marvie keep watch for the rest of their shift, rarely talking to one another, but comforted in eachother's presence.

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