[journey : gathering : BalikinEgg] Rescue? (Prompt 3) (Memory)

In Event Art ・ By Zincwolf
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[journey : gathering : BalikinEgg] Rescue? (Prompt 3) (Memory)
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In Event Art ・ By Zincwolf

Marvie, upon having about as much success selling down in the veldt as a chocolate teapot  trying to brew its namesake, decided he'd travel around with the mystery egg in his small trading wagon. Before he could even get to the nearest settlement however, one he was making a beeline for in order to buy some warmer clothes - having vastly underestimated the true strength of the cold there - he was intersepted.

Mamba had been taking her new charges to visit a close friend of hers, Asha, who lived there for the first time.  She didn't expect to run into any trouble up here, but as it turned out, upon coming up on the small green Veldtian dragging his wagon behind him, she almost immediately noticed the shiney, strange looking egg  amoung its various other loaded trinkets. She wasn't aware of what was inside it just yet, but she sure as hell wasn't going to let this little child stealer get away with it.

Many, many accusations and arguments passed as Mamba 'aquired' the child for free, and Asha, after coming down to meet them and happening upon the whole scene, started to guide the children away with her tail while the two other adult hounds battled it out verbally; Egg included .

Marvie, hurt and feeling responsible for the egg at this point, trailed behind them much to Mamba's displeasure and Asha's amusement .

Beni was just glad the fighting had stopped... He found finally meet their aunt  and take in the beautiful views of their journey despite the tension that laid thick in the air. He stayed close to  Flame after that. 

(This is Step three - Motion, Kotakaii Mountains)
(Character Journey: Mamba's True Bonds memory)

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