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The text box is for literature, one assumes. Many words can go in here, it is rather prominent, and the formatting is rich with flavour. My, it really is such a wonderous place for many words to be inscribed within. Words such as... pontificate... and defenestrate....

How time flies, when you're having so little fun.

Fun is, after all, the antithises of one such as I. A being of great class and merit and a certain... jay nay say choir.

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he had a spookens

and i was possessed by somthing truly evil

guess that's what spooked him, oh well

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2020-11-28 12:23:04 (Edited 2020-11-28 19:25:48)

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beautiful. 10/10

2020-11-28 19:26:05

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Image <<< you can even put it in COMMENTS

2020-11-28 01:32:56 (Edited 2020-12-18 07:46:11)

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or your profile but shh

2020-11-28 01:33:09

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