Sacha #77

Name and Nicknames: Sacha
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Status: Healthy
Coat Color: Surf
Markings: Killer and Brushed
Mutations: None
Head Type: Longtooth
Mane Type: No Mane
Tail Type: Standard
Plant Location: Top of Head
Magic Type: Core magic
Homeland: Kotakaii Mountains
Additional Notes: If she is comfortable somewhere she will refuse to move…unless bribed with a treat.

—————————————— SSS:Unknown
—————– SS: Owahi
—————————————— SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
—————————————— SDS: Unknown
—————– SD: Unknown
—————————————— SDD: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DS: Unknown
—————————————— DSD: Unknown
Dam: Marron
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DD: Unknown
—————————————— DDD: Unknown

Owner: @twewme Starter Character