Lasma #28

Name and Nicknames:  Lasma, The Right Twin.
Age: Unknown.
Sex:  Rebis (they/them).
Status: Healthy. Alter Design.
Coat Color: Celeste.
Markings: Paint, Tipped, and Thunder.
Mutations: Heel Spur.
Horn Type: Dual.
Body Type: Standard.
Tail Type: Twin.
Scale Location: Blanket.
Scale Type: Standard.
Homeland: Voltlund Coast.
Additional Notes: They refuse to return to their homeland. What did they leave behind and what chased them to these distant lands?

—————————————— SSS:Unknown
—————– SS: Unknown
—————————————— SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
—————————————— SDS: Unknown
—————– SD: Unknown
—————————————— SDD: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DS: Unknown
—————————————— DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DD: Unknown
—————————————— DDD: Unknown

Owner: @neogeen

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Designer: Skulldog