Popokee Starters

Starters are character specially created for use by all players within the group and as such, will never be for sale or trade. They can however be used for the following activities, without having to ask staff permission:

  • Players who do not yet own an approved character in game, may draw, write or role play with these Starter characters in place of their own, to enter into World Events and Contests.
  • Players who do not own multiple characters may use Starter characters to draw, write or role play with for additional Story Points when submitting quests, or World Events.
  • During certain events players may purchase special breeding slots with these starters.
  • World events will also reward player selected breeding slots to these starter characters as prizes.


#1 Tatter | #2 Mamatio | #3 Lurk | #4 Stork | #5 Noova | #6 Jetti | #7 Owahi | #8 Drifter | #9 Piji | #10 Marron | #11 King | #12 Reefface | #13 Eris

Holiday Starters:

These characters are only available for breeding during special events.

#1 Nool