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    With all of the unusual creatures now safely captive, the world can breath a sigh of relief, and perhaps cautiously return to normality.

    The band of brave science workers under Pollex Grey will be continuing their studies, bringing greater knowledge about these odd creatures in time.


    A small grace period is now open for all players to submit any remaining artwork they started for ANY of the three phases, only battles from the final fight are now closed for additional requests.

    This period will run until Tuesday the 18th.

    After this date, final counts for submissions will be taken and rewards will be rolled. Players entering each phase earned tickets into the prize raffle.

    So what are the rewards?

    – 2 Players will get to rehome the Voided Kirunhounds

    – 2 Players will get a Location based around the event

    – 2 Players will get both a Hayyan’s Blessing and their choice of either a Painted Seed, OR Baya’s Tincture

    – 2 Players will get 10TP


    And some neat things will be unlocked in the game for everyone from here:

    – The mystery Familiars will be relieved and available for use starting in July

    – The Void status will be unlocked


    And we all can take a little break to relax and catch up on character journeys, and item gathering for a bit. A tiny Monthly Holiday Event will start up again in August.


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    ArcaneZoo Admin

    With the submission grace period now cut off, the event is really over!

    Final point counts are happening now, and prizes will be rolled later tonight.


    Void is now a status that can be rolled on any breeding, and will have potential ways to be gained in game on any character.

    You can read about Void here:

    The mysterious familiars have been dubbed ‘Changlings’ and have a unique skill:



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    ArcaneZoo Admin

    Prizes have been rolled!


    @cheetahtrout @darrk

    Hayyan’s Bless+choice of either a Painted Seed OR Baya’s Tincture:

    @rooklings @cheetahtrout

    Aether Ring Location:


    Voided Steps Location:


    Four eyed Void Kirunhound:


    Gem Shard merle Void Kirunhound:



    Item winners, comment to let staff know which you want.

    Locations are being uploaded, and Kirunhound winners will be getting the art file and details needed to submit characters shortly.

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    Can I get Bayas tincture with the Hayyans Blessing please ;v; Cant wait to see the Kirun in all its glory!

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      ArcaneZoo Admin

      Items awarded!

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    I too would like a Baya’s Tincture.

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      ArcaneZoo Admin

      Items awarded!

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