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    The Painted Poppies are in season, but are only in bloom for this single long, hot month. Multicolored fields of small dark centered flowers pop up all over Azorna, even in the coldest regions. The joyful touch of color is seen as a sign of the height of the summer seasons and treated to it’s own holiday in various areas. During this time the newly born young seem to have a little extra color to their coats or unique changes to their forms, sometimes attributed directly to the local flower bloom.

    • Players may complete each prompt once. Creative submissions should follow standard rules.
    • Each prompt can be completed in any order and with different characters to claim rewards, collabs are allowed.


    Draw or write about your character interacting with a parent or parents. Or characters that have children can be drawn with them interacting as the parent. These can be parents based on genetic lineage or your own character lore.

    Draw or write about your character exploring, playing or studying the Painted Poppy fields in their homeland.

    Draw or write about your character showing affection toward another character, romance is in the air! Or draw or write about your character tending to children, maybe they enjoy raising kids, or absolutely hate it.


    Complete 1 Prompt : Hayyan’s Blessing
    Complete 2 Prompts: Hayyan’s Blessing + Red Spice Tea or Starspeck Cookie (Random)
    Complete 3 Prompts: Hayyan’s Blessing + Red Spice Tea or Starspeck Cookie (Random) + Breeding combo between two starters

    All breedings during the month of August will randomly be blessed with boosted marking pass rates, or increased mutation pass rates. It’s a mystery!

    This event will run until September 7th, and all breedings posted until that date will gain the boosted rolls.

    Once you finish the prompts you want to, please use this form to request rewards:

    Link to Import:
    Link to creative submissions:
    Reward wanted:

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    Link to Import: Faileas, Lichard/Angafran
    Link to creative submissions:
    Prompt 2, Faileas
    Prompt 3, Lichard/Angafran
    Reward wanted: ???

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